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Is Workers’ Comp Enough?

Many employees know that Texas workers’ compensation insurance is an important, legally mandated safety net. It can cover certain medical treatments and provide partial or full wage replacement after a work injury..

But does workers’ comp offer enough after every injury that happens at work or because of work? What about an accident that happened because of another’s negligence? What other options are available?

Do I Have A Lawsuit?.

If you or a loved one was hurt on the job, you may be wondering if workers’ comp is adequate to compensate you for what happened. Indeed, your work injury may be the basis of a third-party claim, a lawsuit that is a separate matter from workers’ compensation.

At Gamez Law Firm, we recognize the many problems families experience after a work injury has occurred – financial, physical, emotional and more. We can help you understand if negligence played a role in your injury. Our attorneys know how to pursue third-party work injury cases involving:

· Construction accidents

· Warehouse accidents

· Agricultural/farming injuries

· Product liability

· Dangerous work conditions

· Work-related motor vehicle accidents

· Wrongful death

Every injury is different. It is important to get your questions answered so you can make the right choices for you and your family.

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