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Guidance In The Aftermath Of An Accident With An 18-Wheeler

If you spend time on the road, you know the dangers that 18-wheel trucks pose. Truck drivers, although more rigorously trained than those of us with basic licenses, are in command of machines whose sheer size and weight make them a deadly weapon. If a commercial driver makes a mistake, fails to pay proper attention to the road or faces a mechanical failure, the stakes are high for surrounding vehicles.

At Gamez Law Firm, our truck accident attorneys have decades of experience helping victims of 18-wheeler accidents recover maximum damages. We will remain by your side and advocate for your rights so you can focus on recovery.

Who Is At Fault?

Just like any driver, commercial truck drivers make errors. So do the companies that manage fleets of vehicles. Determining liability in the wake of an accident is a challenge – and that’s where you will see the benefits of working with Gamez Law Firm.

  • The truck driver: Despite their additional safety training, some truck drivers text, drive under the influence and speed and are as negligent as others on the road. The difference is that when they make a mistake, their vehicles tend to cause much more damage.
  • The trucking company: While some truck drivers are independent contractors, others work under the oversight of a trucking company. Sometimes a driver’s truck fails to operate properly or cargo comes loose. In such cases, it could be the trucking company that is to blame. Trucking companies are responsible for regular maintenance, securing loads, limiting drivers’ time behind the wheel and ensuring that drivers are properly trained.

How A Truck Accident Attorney Can Provide Immediate Assistance

An accident with an 18-wheeler can result in catastrophic injuries. If a life is lost or someone is facing serious injuries because of an 18-wheeler, the trucking accident lawyers at Gamez Law Firm have the experience to fight for full compensation.

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