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Advocating For Truck Accident Victims

If you drive often on the highways in San Antonio and the surrounding areas, you have probably shared the road with a tractor-trailer or two. These large commercial vehicles are necessary for transporting goods to and from Texas, but they can also pose serious risks to other drivers.

At Gamez Law Firm, we have a long history of helping our fellow community members recover from terrible truck accidents. We know that the weeks, months and even years after an accident can be very difficult. We will be by your side to help you through it.

How Tractor-Trailer Accidents Happen

A tractor-trailer accident can happen for any number of reasons. A driver may lose control while texting and driving. Inadequate maintenance could cause a tire blowout or brake failure. Improperly secured cargo could lead to a multi-vehicle accident.

As your team of lawyers, part of our job is to help determine exactly what happened in an accident. We invest the time and resources necessary to get an accurate picture of what happened, so we can help you secure the compensation you need.

Determining Who Is Responsible

Unlike typical car accidents, commercial vehicle accidents can include many parties who may be at fault. While the truck driver is the most obvious, the trucking company may also have contributed to the accident in some way.

We have decades of experience helping semitrailer accident victims determine who was at fault. Sometimes it is the drivers fault, sometimes it’s the trucking company’s fault.  Sometimes it’s just as tragic as a defective semi tire that blows out.  We will consider all possibilities as we work tirelessly to build a strong case on your behalf.

Tell Us About Your Accident In A Free Consultation

We have been serving the San Antonio area for more than 40 years. We are passionate about helping others in our community through the difficult aftermath of a truck accident. We can meet you at our office, in your home, at the hospital or anywhere else that is convenient for you.

To meet with one of our attorneys, call us at 210-951-2024 or request an appointment online. Se habla español.