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Did A Property Owner Or Event Organizer Fail To Keep You Safe?

The recent tragedy at the Travis Scott concert at Astroworld would appear to be a security failure on several levels. Eight people died and dozens were hospitalized after a mob of concertgoers surged toward the stage. With proper security measures, those casualties might have been prevented.

Gamez Law Firm represents people who are injured as a result of negligent security. We hold landlords, businesses, nightclubs, sports stadiums, venue owners and organizers of events accountable under the laws of Texas for failing to protect our clients from foreseeable harm.

What Is Negligent Security?

Under the doctrine of premises liability, property owners have a duty to the safety of patrons and visitors. That responsibility might require surveillance cameras to deter crime or security personnel and a safety plan for big events.

Examples of negligent security resulting in injuries include:

  • Injuries at a concert or sporting event caused by unruly attendees
  • Sexual assault when an intruder gets into an apartment building
  • A parking lot mugging or assault
  • Bystander injuries from a fight or shooting at a bar
  • Injuries inflicted by an overzealous bouncer or security guard

The common thread is a failure of the venue owner, property manager or event host to take reasonable security measures, especially in a high-crime area or at events involving large crowds.

Holding Them Accountable

The Astroworld Festival calamity raised many red flags from a liability standpoint. Security fences collapsed. Security guards were overwhelmed. Paramedics could not reach victims. And the show continued for far too long while people were being trampled and suffocated. From poor planning to communication problems, it seemed to be a disaster waiting to happen.

In a negligent security case, we investigate what the proprietor or organizing entity could and should have done differently. Did they fail to address poor lighting, broken locks or disabled security cameras? Did they ignore complaints from tenants or patrons? Did they hire too few security staff? Were those people properly trained and equipped for crowd control? At a concert, were the crowd control barriers spaced out properly to keep people safe or not? Was there an emergency plan?

Do You Have Negligent Security Case?

Gamez Law Firm has handled many premises liability cases that resulted in serious injuries and wrongful death, including negligent security lawsuits. In a free consultation, our lawyers will listen to your story of what happened and explain the law and your possible legal action. We help you get proper medical care for your injuries while we are investigating the dangerous conditions or safety lapses.

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