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Protecting The Rights Of Workers And Their Families

Construction work is tough. It demands physical and mental strength. Sometimes it can be dangerous. But many occupational hazards are preventable because they are caused by negligence outside the worker’s control.

Unfortunately, it is all too common for Texas construction workers to get hurt on the job. And, with their livelihoods and futures at stake, it is critical for these injured workers to understand and protect their legal rights, which in some cases extends beyond typical workers’ compensation benefits.

We Can Help With All Types Of Construction Injuries.

At Gamez Law Firm, we know what workers and their families go through in the aftermath of a construction accident. We understand the stress. We can help with construction injury cases involving:

· Falls from heights

· Falling objects

· Slips, trips and falls on job sites

· Vehicle accidents

· Malfunctioning tools and materials

After an injury, many construction workers are unsure of what to do. They may know in their heart that they were working under dangerous conditions when they got hurt. They may be aware that inadequate training, a faulty machine or tool, the lack of safety equipment or another serious problem caused the accident, but they don’t know where to turn. Some are afraid of getting in trouble if they report what happened.

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