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Four Parts Of Proving Negligence

It is frustrating and often infuriating to be involved in an accident that you believe was caused by someone else’s actions. You may feel like that person should be held accountable — and it’s possible that they should be. However, being involved in an accident is not enough to have a successful personal injury claim.

In fact, you must prove four different things to be able to obtain compensation. At Gamez Law Firm in San Antonio, our attorneys can help you do that.

1. The Person Who Caused Your Accident Owed You A Duty Of Care

At residents of Texas, we all owe each other a reasonable duty of care. For example, when a shop owner mops his floors, he is responsible for alerting shoppers to the wet floor. However, if you were hurt while trespassing on someone else’s property, that person may not be responsible for alerting you to potential hazards.

2. That Person Breached Their Duty Of Care

If a shop owner fails to alert shoppers to recently mopped floors or a driver runs a red light, they have failed to uphold their duty of reasonable care to others.

3. The Breach Of Duty Caused Your Injuries

If you slipped and fell in the shop because you didn’t know the floor was wet, the shop owner’s breach of duty certainly contributed to your injuries. The same is true when a driver runs a red light and hits someone else. You must show that the negligent party’s action or inaction caused your injuries.

4. You Suffered Damages From Your Injuries

In this case, damages refer to compensable injuries. If you suffered a mild bruise from slipping on the wet floor but didn’t need medical attention and it didn’t otherwise impact your life, you may not have a strong case. However, if you fractured your wrist from breaking your fall and were then unable to work because you couldn’t use one hand for an extended period of time, you are more likely to have a strong claim.

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