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Advocacy For Victims Of Drunk Drivers

New Year’s Eve, Christmas and Thanksgiving: Many Americans celebrate these major holidays with family and friends. The holidays are also the time of year when all of us are likely to share the roads with intoxicated drivers. That said, drunk drivers are, unfortunately, a year-long hazard, particularly on weekends and at night.

Gamez Law Firm has been there for victims of drunk driving accidents for decades. Although we are not in your shoes, our experience walking beside victims and their loved ones has made us compassionate and protective partners for victims pursuing compensation.

What If I Was Hit By A Drunk Or Impaired Driver?

People injured by a drunk or impaired driver can make a claim for compensation. At Gamez Law Firm, we will aggressively advocate for damages related to medical expenses, lost wages, loss of life, and pain and suffering. We can also fight to recover damages for:

  • Repairs to your vehicle
  • The cost of a rental vehicle
  • Future medical and rehabilitative costs

As a society, we have decided that those who hurt others while impaired should face greater punishment. When victims or victims’ families receive compensation through a settlement or judgment, they are recovering the damages they deserve while also helping to discourage drunk driving.

In The Aftermath Of An Accident, We Offer Clarity And Compassion | Contact Us For A Free Consultation

Our experience representing victims of drunk driving greatly benefits our clients. Contact Gamez Law today at 210-951-2024 for a free consultation. There are no legal fees unless we obtain compensation for you.