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Texas pickup driver rescued with help from bystanders

The driver of a pickup truck that had crashed into a tractor-trailer in Kaufman County, Texas is alive today in part because of the rescue efforts of a sheriff's deputy with the assistance of bystanders who witnessed the accident.

The driver of the pickup became trapped, his leg lodged beneath the crumpled dashboard of the burning vehicle, after he rear-ended the tractor-trailer. Body cam footage reveals that, as the deputy ran to the scene, over a dozen people were already there, with some attempting to pull the driver to safety. 

Securing a load in your pickup truck

Do you think of 18-wheelers and their mammoth trailers when you think about an improperly secured load? If so, you aren't alone. This is the first thing that probably comes into the minds of most Texas drivers. The reason why is because the commercial trucking industry is where that question usually comes up most often.

However, did you know that you could be liable if something flies off the back of your pickup truck and causes someone else to have an accident? Properly securing a load applies to more than just big rigs. You need to understand how to do it as well.

Unsafe driving behaviors common to many crashes

Everyone just wants to get where they are going, and for the most part, everyone does a decent job of making that happen. In many areas of Texas, including San Antonio to some degree, driving is an essential mode of transportation. Even though many of the state's cities have areas where walking and bicycling are popular and viable ways to get around, driving still reigns supreme.

This means that, every day, you share the roads with thousands of other drivers. Depending on where you live, that number can be quite high. Therefore, everyone needs to follow the rules in order to help make sure that everyone gets to his or her destinations safely. When unsafe behaviors become part of the mix, it can throw off the balance and lead to serious accidents.

What are some common lesser-known kitchen accidents?

A commercial kitchen is a dangerous place by nature. If you work in a kitchen in Texas, then you probably know all about the risks of getting burned and slipping and falling. However, there are also many hidden risks that you may not even think about. The Food Network points out three situations that you may not even think about when you consider kitchen hazards.

One of the most dangerous ingredients in the kitchen is a hot pepper. If you do not use gloves when handling them, you put yourself at serious risks for burns. Touching your eyes, nose or mouth after touching a pepper can cause major harm. Even in a kitchen of professionals, this mistake still occurs, so be careful when working with peppers.

Safe driving in construction zones is a must

No one likes driving through a construction zone. You have to slow down, move through diversions and could end up being detoured as well. Between the men and women working on the road and the abrupt changes in lane (and possibly direction), the speed limits in these zones also drop.

Drivers always need to pay attention while they drive, but in construction zones, the circumstances require more diligence and vigilance. Otherwise, accidents could happen.

2 music teachers killed in Texas crash

A recent crash in the Fort Worth, Texas area disrupted the wedding plans of two music teachers who lost their lives as a result of the accident. Authorities deemed the cause to be driver fatigue. 

The 28-year-old driver and his 26-year-old fiancee were both musicians who had graduated from the same university, involved themselves in their church's choirs and taught music in the public schools. The driver of the vehicle had been the choral director and accompanist at Granbury High School, while his fiancee taught music at a local elementary school. They were well known in the community of Granbury where they lived and worked, and expressions of shock and grief on social media at the news of their deaths indicate that community members held the couple in high esteem. 

As a parent and pedestrian, safety is important

As a parent and occasional pedestrian, you understand the importance of safety. You likely also know that, despite best efforts, serious accidents that lead to injuries can still occur. Still, you want to do your part to keep yourself and your kids as safe as possible, especially while on foot.

Pedestrian accidents can quickly lead to serious or even fatal injuries because individuals who are walking have little to no protection against vehicles. You certainly do not want such outcomes to impact your children, so you may find it useful to take the time to teach them safety tips for walking near roads.

Understanding survival actions

The common assumption that most in San Antonio likely hold is that any legal action commenced after one of the parties involved has died must be a wrongful death lawsuit, and thus is limited to only those circumstances which contributed to one's death. Yet what if your loved one had a cause of action to pursue, yet what never able to before they died? Many come to us here at the Gamez Law Firm thinking that their options for seeking legal recourse in such a situation expired with the plaintiff. If you share the same assumption, you will be pleased to know that is not the case. 

Per Section 71.021 of Texas' Civil Practice and Remedies Code, a cause of action for personal injury does not end when the one who has it dies. Imagine that your family member is slips and falls on another's property and sustains an injury. While not life-threatening, the injury proves costly in terms of recovery and lost income. Your loved one plans to pursue legal action against the property owner, yet suddenly dies. If those circumstances are related to their injury, a wrongful death lawsuit may be an option. Yet what if they are not?

Truck driver health issues could lead to accidents

Regardless of whether you drive on interstates, highways or surface streets, you likely encounter a number of 18-wheelers. The long haul truckers who drive them spend a lot of time behind the wheel. They spend a significant amount of time sitting, eating bad food and trying to stay awake.

Not surprisingly, these working conditions often lead to health issues. Truck drivers may be able to combat some health issues, but it would take more time and dedication than their schedules often allow. Some drivers manage to take care of themselves despite being on the road, but even they probably have times when it's easier to grab a cheeseburger and fries then it is to try to find a healthy meal. Another obstacle is finding a place to park a big rig near a gym or health food store.

What duty of care to you owe to visitors?

You would hope that no one that visits your property in San Antonio ever suffers an injury while there. As you are responsible for the condition of your property, you are likewise responsible for the safety of any of those who enter it. You might understand and accept this concept, yet your level of commitment to guaranteeing another's safety might differ depending on the nature of a visitor. This prompts the question of what duty of care do you owe to those who come on to your property

When considering this question, it helps to know that there are actually three different legal classifications of visitors: 

  • Invitees
  • Licensees
  • Trespassers
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