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Uber users should undersand insurance issues, just in case

Modern technology has made many aspects of Texas life more convenient. For instance, you can chat with someone in another country at the click of a button. Travel, too, is less cumbersome, especially when you can hire an Uber driver to take you where you want to go. If your destination happens to be a location where you will enjoy a few drinks with friends, then you can easily avoid driving under the influence of alcohol.

These are all good things. It's also good that Uber carries an insurance policy that covers its drivers and clients. However, it's a good idea to learn as much as you can about such issues ahead of time because you're still at risk for collision when you're riding as a passenger in an Uber vehicle.

6 tips for CMV drivers to avoid fatigue

Drowsy driving is a major problem for truckers in Texas and the rest of the U.S. The FMCSA's Large Truck Crash Causation Study found that some 13% of CMV drivers involved in crashes were drowsy. The following are six tips that truckers should consider to avoid fatigue while working.

The first tip is, of course, to catch enough sleep and to avoid driving immediately after waking up, when one is still in a state of sleep inertia. Drivers can try to avoid traveling during those times when the body is naturally more fatigued, such as between midnight and 6 a.m. and between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. Second, truckers should eat regularly for the sake of more restful sleep.

Texting and driving is not the only distraction

It is no big secret that distracted driving is dangerous. From safety campaigns to laws regulating cell phone use behind the wheel, most people that you know already understand just how risky it really is. However, that does not stop some Texas drivers from texting and driving at the same time.

Of course, cell phones are not the only distraction on the road, but they are a pretty significant problem. Even the type of phone a driver owns can affect whether he or she will use it while driving. A recent survey shows just how big this problem really is.

Showing who was at fault in a multi-vehicle accident

Victims of auto accidents in Texas will, like victims in other states, have to invoke the legal concept of negligence when building up a personal injury claim. This means determining who was acting in an unsafe or careless way behind the wheel and how that contributed to the crash. It is a process that can be difficult, especially in the case of multi-vehicle crashes.

For example, a series of rear-end collisions occurs. Driver A is hit by Driver B, who is hit, in turn, by Driver C. Though only Driver B's car comes into contact with Driver A's, Driver A could hold both Drivers B and C liable if the two were acting negligently, such as by speeding or tailgating. Of course, Driver A must also be cleared of any serious negligence.

What is behind the rise in fatal pedestrian accidents?

There are many reasons that people opt to walk to get from one point to another. Whether a person walks for exercise or transportation, it can be an important part of daily life. Hopefully, they can do so safely, but that isn't always the case.

Studies conducted over the last several years show rising rates of fatal pedestrian accidents. The state of Texas is the eighth most dangerous state for pedestrians. Experts say that there are many reasons for this rise and that no one solution alone will change the trajectory. 

FMCSA announces new analysis of large-truck crashes

Large-truck crashes, many of them fatal, are on the rise. Between 2009 and 2018, for example, there was a 52.6% jump in fatal large-truck crashes according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. There were 4,415 such crashes in 2018. Truckers in Texas should know that various changes over the past two decades are contributing to this increase, and the FMCSA will be investigating these changes.

In January 2020, the FMCSA made its formal proposal to go ahead with a new and updated large-truck crash study. The last time it had conducted such a study was between 2001 and 2003. Researchers will seek to establish a baseline of factors in tow-away, injury and fatal accidents that involve semi-trucks. Afterwards, researchers will come up with strategies for avoiding and mitigating such crashes.

Damages that are sometimes overlooked following a car accident

Your day begins like any other day on the freeway, but it ends very differently. You are now suffering pain as a result of a fellow driver who crashed into your car while apparently texting behind the wheel. You are still in disbelief that such a life-altering accident could have happened to you, and you feel helpless.

Fortunately, in Texas, you can seek compensation for medical costs and lost wages, stemming from an accident caused by another motorist's negligence. However, there are a couple of other types of damages that accident victims sometimes overlook but may be recoverable as well: pain and suffering, and loss of consortium.

What is behind the rise in workplace accidents in Texas?

Workers in certain industries often realize that they face more health risks than other workers. Injuries and even fatalities are more likely for workers in industries such as construction or manufacturing. Despite that fact, employers are still expected to do everything possible to protect workers.

If you have ever been hurt on the job, you know just how much it can impact your life. You may have to miss work, which could impact your earnings, not to mention the potential long-term effects of certain injuries on your overall health. Some experts worry that the death rates for workers in Texas are entirely too high, and they want to see businesses held responsible for worker safety.

IID can prevent DUI, but it may cause distracted driving

Drivers in Texas are probably aware that safety tech in vehicles has its pros and cons. This holds true for ignition interlock devices, too. IIDs are in-car Breathalyzers that require drivers to pass a breath test before allowing them to start the vehicle. For over a decade, they have prevented hundreds of thousands of attempts made by drunk drivers to head out on the road.

IIDs are becoming more and more widespread with 34 states having a law that requires DUI offenders to install these devices. Those states see 15% fewer fatalities resulting from alcohol-related crashes than other states do. Inspired by this, lawmakers have even introduced a bill proposing that IID technology be mandated on all new vehicles by 2024.

What is recklessness and how does it affect car accidents?

There are times when a motor vehicle accident is exactly that – an accident. However, there are other times when a person holds fault for the collision through his or her intentional actions, which the law considers reckless behavior.

If you've ever been in an accident with a reckless driver, you know how important it is for motorists to follow the rules of the road and you know exactly what can happen if someone ignores the law. However, you may not know exactly what the legal standards for recklessness may be and how it pertains to car accidents. Though laws vary state to state, there are some ideas that apply to most situations here in Texas and elsewhere.

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