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What duty of care to you owe to visitors?

You would hope that no one that visits your property in San Antonio ever suffers an injury while there. As you are responsible for the condition of your property, you are likewise responsible for the safety of any of those who enter it. You might understand and accept this concept, yet your level of commitment to guaranteeing another's safety might differ depending on the nature of a visitor. This prompts the question of what duty of care do you owe to those who come on to your property

When considering this question, it helps to know that there are actually three different legal classifications of visitors: 

  • Invitees
  • Licensees
  • Trespassers

Car accidents can lead to a number of serious injuries

You may have gone through a considerable portion of your life without having suffered any serious injuries. While you may feel pleased with this accomplishment, you likely also understand that you could suffer an injury at any age as dangers and hazards are everywhere.

As someone who travels the Texas roads, you face the risk of injury every time you get in a vehicle. Though your luck, good driving or other factors may have kept you uninjured so far, you may not always end up with such good outcomes.

The lasting effects of burns, scarring and disfigurement

The day probably started like any other. You got up, got ready for your day and maybe had some breakfast and coffee before heading out. At some point during your day, you became involved in an accident and suffered serious injuries.

Whether you were the victim of a motor vehicle accident, a work-related accident or some other calamity, you suffered moderate to severe burns. These burns affect your quality of life from this point forward, and you may wonder whether you can pursue compensation from the party or parties responsible for your current and future health issues. In order to find out, you may want to consult with someone experienced in personal injury claims.

Health hazards associated with asbestos exposure

If you work in the construction industry in San Antonio, you probably face numerous hazards on a daily basis. Some of these hazards may be less obvious, such as the damage that can occur when exposed to asbestos over a long period of time. The following information details the kind of health problems that asbestos may cause, as well as how you can protect yourself and hold your employer accountable.

According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, asbestos exposure is associated with a few different health conditions, some of which can be rather serious. Lung cancer causes malignant tumors to form that can block airways. When asbestos exposure is combined with smoking, the risk of developing lung cancer is even greater.

Analyzing head-on collisions to help in avoiding them

Head-on collisions tend to happen less often than other types of accidents. However, when these crashes occur, they are often catastrophic. People tend to die or suffer life-altering injuries that often involve lengthy hospital stays and significant recovery times. Of course, that assumes that a full recovery is possible.

Rural areas often see more head-on collisions, more than likely because there are more two-lane roads in those areas with only a solid yellow line separating the directions of travel. Keeping that in mind, the number of wrong-way crashes on freeways and interstates are on the rise. Any number of factors such as impairment, distraction or drowsiness could cause a driver to stray into oncoming traffic.

How to make your case following a Texas car crash

Being involved in a motor vehicle collision is one of the scariest experiences you may have. However, it can also be infuriating if the accident was the result of another driver's negligence.

If another driver's carelessness behind the wheel caused you to suffer serious injuries, it is within your rights to seek to hold him or her accountable through the civil court system here in Texas. However, proving that this other person caused your injuries can sometimes be tricky. Below are a couple of tools to help you prove fault in a motor vehicle collision.

How can I cope with the loss of a loved one?

Losing someone you love is devastating. However, losing a loved one to another person’s negligence or careless behavior can be even more fraught with emotion and as a result it can be difficult for many people to recover from the experience. The American Psychological Association can help you navigate the many different stages of grief thanks to the following advice.

Practice self-care often

Taking notes may work in your favor following a Texas wreck

You have just gotten into an accident, and the physical injuries and emotional distress you feel are beyond overwhelming. Writing down exactly what took place in the crash is likely the last thing on your mind.

However, recording the events of your car collision is a critical step in the aftermath of your wreck, particularly if the crash was the result of another driver's negligence. Here is a glimpse at why writing down notes after an accident in Texas is a wise move and how to go about it.

Wrongful death lawsuit arises from Waco truck accident

After truck accidents occur in San Antonio, one of the more common questions that victims (and/or their families) have is whether liability lies with the driver that causes the accident, or the company that employs him or her? Typically, fault may almost certainly be linked to the actions of the driver, but in any situation where he or she was acting as an agent of his or her company, blame might be also placed with it. The same may be true if it is proven that a company knew that a driver was incompetent or unfit, yet still permitted (or even compelled) him or her to drive on its behalf anyway. 

Such is the accusation being made by the defendants in a wrongful death lawsuit. Their loved ones (a man and woman) were traveling as passengers with another man who the defendants claim was driving in Waco as part of his job with local farming and grain company. The lawsuit does not give details of the accident, yet claims that the driver was unfit to drive the vehicle he was operating. Furthermore, the defendants believe that the company knew that the man was in no position to safely operate the vehicle at the time of the accident. 

Get tough if you've suffered soft tissue injuries in Texas

As you get behind your car's wheel and head to town, you focus on your day's agenda, with ambient music playing in the background. All of a sudden, the sound of your thoughts and of your music is replaced with the sound of a large crash. By the time the noise stops, you surmise that you have just been involved in a motor vehicle collision.

A car accident can easily cause you to suffer serious injuries, including injuries to your soft tissues. Here is a glimpse at what soft tissue injuries are and what your rights are if you have suffered these types of injuries due to a fellow motorist's carelessness.

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