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Is your car the real distraction?

You may have seen movies set in the future where a character climbs into a vehicle that carries him or her to a destination without the person having to control the speed of the vehicle or clutch a steering wheel. In these cases, the passenger is free to drink champagne, listen to music or carry on dramatic conversations with others who may not even be in the vehicle.

This scenario may not be far off, but for now, you must still keep your attention on the road and remain in control of your vehicle or risk causing a tragic accident. To prevent this, Texas and other states pass laws limiting distractions for drivers, such as talking on cell phones, texting and, in some cases, simply holding a mobile device. However, AAA's Foundation for Traffic Safety recently studied the 30 new models of cars and found that the real distraction may not be your mobile device.

Understanding personal injury claims after a car accident

At the time of your car accident, your mind may be full of questions. Understanding every element at play during a personal injury claim can be confusing. To try to inform people, some experts have shared their knowledge with others.

It may not always be easy to understand what to do after a car accident. In the immediate aftermath, most people handle safety and medical concerns. There are also steps that some individuals take afterward to ensure that they receive fair compensation if they suffered harm in a car accident.

Self-driving cars to be popular in the next decade

If you think that the latest safety innovations in 2017 model year cars are making cars safer, prepare yourself for the coming evolutions that will eventually lead to autonomous vehicles. What was previously thought of as pure science fiction is gradually becoming reality as a number of automakers are involved in a race to get self-driving vehicles (SDCs) on the road.

According to a 2014 study by IHS Automotive, sales of SDCs are expected to reach 230,000 by 2025 across the world, with more than 11 million in annual sales of such vehicles by 2035. The push of SDCs is simply driven by technological advances, safety is at the center of this phenomenon. Essentially, researchers believe that the technology that will help drivers see (and avoid) hazards will be critical in preventing accidents. 

Not all San Antonio drivers heed these safety tips

Many Texans are daily commuters. Whether going to work, running errands or taking a trip, you likely find yourself on the road most days. With that said, you should be able to expect other drivers to exercise caution and obey the rules of the road, but you know that many drivers are careless.

While a collision may be unavoidable if another driver is negligent or reckless, there are ways to make sure you do your own part to make the roads as safe as possible.

Steps to take if you are injured on someone else's property

In Texas, when a person is injured on another's property, or premise, it means more than simply in or around a building. The Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code includes in its definition of premises waterways, roads, equipment and bodies of water, along with building structures and land. The broad definition can lead to an injured party being unsure of proper liability.

When an injury occurs, it is best to take the following steps, then follow up with legal counsel.

  1. Seek Medical Attention. If the injury is severe, get help immediately. If it is not urgent enough to warrant onsite attention, make a plan to see a medical professional in the following days for a full evaluation. Oftentimes, injuries that do not present themselves initially become apparent after a few days or even weeks.
  2. Take photographs. Chances are, someone nearby will have a smartphone handy that is capable of taking photographs of the situation. It is important to get pictures of the injury itself, if possible, as well as the cause of the grievance. This might include environmental factors such as poor lighting, a spill, an icy or uneven sidewalk, damaged equipment or broken steps. 
  3. File a complaint. If the property is residential, the homeowner should be notified. If it is commercial, the store owner or manager needs to know. It is also important to fill out a formal complaint to be placed on record. If there was criminal activity involved, the victim should immediately contact the police and file a report.
  4. Keep records. A person should document any and all medical expenses as well as time spent off work or dealing with injury-related issues. Doctors' visits, over the counter aids and travel should all be included. As time drags on, it can become difficult to remember details from early on without proper documentation, which can lead to a loss of reclaimed expenses later.

Keep your head up: Fight back after suffering neck, head injuries

Motor vehicle accidents are a major cause of injuries in Texas and across the country. In fact, more than 5.6 million automobile accidents were reported nationwide back in 2012. A whopping 1.6 million of these accidents involved injuries.

Unfortunately, car accident injuries are often due to the carelessness of other drivers. If you suffer injuries because of someone else's negligence, it is within your rights to seek financial compensation for medical expenses and other costs resulting from the accident.

How can we prevent distracted driving accidents?

Driving is a standard part of many Texans' daily routines. Unfortunately, driving has become such a routine part of life that many people fail to treat it with the focus that it requires. Many serious accidents occur because drivers become distracted while behind the wheel.

What To Do After A Truck Accident

If you commute to work in San Antonio, you've undoubtedly shared the road with an 18-wheeler at some point. If driving next to a vehicle that big makes you nervous, you are not alone. One distraction, maintenance failure or a poorly secured load is all it takes to cause a serious accident.

While there is nothing you can do to ensure a truck driver is paying attention to the road or a truck has been properly maintained, you can prepare yourself for what to do if you are ever involved in an accident.

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