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Various kinds of damages available following an injury car wreck

You have just been involved in an injury-causing car crash, and a wide range of emotions has overcome you. In addition to being in pain, you feel completely shaken. However, you also feel upset when you discover that the accident was the result of another driver's carelessness.

Fortunately, if another person has harmed you due to driver negligence, it is within your rights to pursue compensation for your injuries through the civil court system. Here is a glimpse at the specific kinds of damages you can pursue in Texas.

What are the fatal four?

The construction industry is dangerous by nature. You work with heavy equipment and in situations that could be dangerous every day. While you cannot ensure you will ever be 100 percent safe on the job, there are many ways to protect yourself and prevent injuries. Because of the risks in the construction industry, OSHA has come up with four of the most serious hazards you may face on the job. These are the fatal four.

The fatal four refers to the four types of incidents that cause the most fatalities in the construction industry. These are falls, struck by object, electrocutions and caught in or between. Falls are the most common hazard. They make up about 39 percent of all fatalities in the construction industry. Together, the fatal four make up 60 percent of all fatal injuries in this industry.

Symptoms you might suffer from whiplash in a Texas collision

You likely remember exactly where you were intending to go on the day your accident happened. You may have been alert and cautious behind the wheel as usual, doing your best to adhere to traffic and safety regulations, as well as to remain focused on the road ahead and the immediate surroundings, to watch for potential hazards. As is often the case, your best effort might not have been enough if a reckless or negligent driver was sharing the road with you that day.

No matter how careful you are, if another motorist disregards traffic laws or becomes distracted at the wheel, you may not be able to safely react in time to avoid a collision. One of the most common injuries that Texas car accident victims often suffer is whiplash. You may have felt instantaneous pain in your neck when the other car hit you, or you may have felt okay right then but noticed symptoms of injury later. Post-accident support is key to successful recovery.

Speed and fatigue top reasons for more fatal truck crashes

Even the slightest decline in fatal motor vehicle accidents is cause for celebration, and the latest report shows that two percent fewer people died in crashes in 2017 than in the previous year. However, that same report showed a shocking exception. In the category of cars versus large commercial vehicles, the number of fatalities rose 9 percent. About 72 percent of those fatalities were occupants of the smaller vehicles.

There are numerous theories for the sharp increase in fatal truck accidents, and all of those reasons may be enough to make you want to stay far away from trucks when you are on Texas roads. However, this may not be possible, so it is wise to know how to stay safe when traveling and your options if you should become the victim of a truck accident.

Victim of car accident unhappy with Lyft's response

With the explosive growth of ride-sharing companies in Texas such as Lyft and Uber, paying passengers assume a certain level of risk when they agree to travel with a driver they do not know. For one, they must rely on that person's level of responsibility and experience in following the rules of the road and getting them safely from one place to another. 

In the unfortunate case of a man in Florida, his Lyft driver is accused of crashing and then leaving him without any insurance information. He claims that during his drive, the Lyft driver he was traveling with was involved in a minor collision with another vehicle. While the drivers exchanged information, the injured passenger was left alone. Shortly after the accident, he started experiencing pain and sought medical assistance to manage his symptoms. 

Keep yourself from becoming a statistic when you walk

Was one of your New Year's resolutions to get out and walk more? If so, you may find other San Antonio residents doing the same thing. Even though you may walk for the health benefits, it can also be an economical and environmentally sound form of transportation.

Your feet are certainly the cheapest form of transportation, but are they the safest way to get around? Statistics show that the number of pedestrian deaths skyrocketed in the last couple of years. In fact, the number of deaths rose an alarming 27 percent between 2007 and 2016.

Can I sue for the death of an unborn baby?

When you lose a child through the negligence or due to the actions of someone else, it is devastating. You want the law to hold someone accountable. This becomes complicated when the child you lose is one that has not been born yet. Texas is one of the states that does have feticide laws, according to USA Today.

The state considers an unborn child a victim. The state was one of the first states to enact such laws in 2003. The law allows for a charge against the suspect regardless of the stage of pregnancy. This makes Texas stand out because many states only allow for later in pregnancy whereas this state allows for even early in pregnancy. Other states do not have such wide reaching laws when it comes to feticide.

Cell phones, teens and driving can make a lethal combination

Today's teenagers don't remember a time when cell phones didn't exist. Like numerous other teens across the country, many here in San Antonio probably got one before they were even officially teenagers, including yours. It's how they keep in touch with friends, arrange get-togethers and use social media.

Using the phone may not cause any real problems under ordinary circumstances, but once a teen gets behind the wheel, it could cause catastrophic results. The combination of inexperience with driving and using a cell phone results in numerous deadly accidents among teens each year.

Shorter days in winter could increase the chances of an accident

Driving back and forth to work, running errands and taking care of your family each day can be exhausting. Most people here in Texas and elsewhere tend to operate with a sleep deficit because they simply cannot get the amount of sleep they need, especially during the week.

During the winter, the early darkness tends to make matters worse. Between the shorter days in winter and turning the clocks back, you may find it difficult to avoid driving in the dark, which can make you even more tired when you are already experiencing fatigue. Moreover, you may be one of those people who has issues seeing at night.

Drunk driving and celebrating the New Year never mix

As Texas readers prepare to celebrate New Year's Eve, it can be important to remember that drunk driving is especially prevalent on this night. Because of the number of people out and attending parties, it is much more likely that you will be sharing the road with someone intoxicated. This can be a particularly dangerous night on the road for motorists.

If you will be driving on New Year's Eve, it may be helpful to start considering how you can protect yourself in the event of an accident caused by a drunk driver. No matter what night it is, drivers are always responsible for the choices they make that cause harm to others. If a person has been drinking, that individual is liable for damages and any harm they cause to others. 

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