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Tips to help drivers avoid jackknifing

Accidents that are caused because an 18-wheeler has jackknifed often cause serious injuries or even deaths. Some are surprised to know that jackknifing isn't inevitable even in dangerous conditions. Texas drivers can use the following safe driving tips in order to prevent jackknife situations.

In many cases where jackknifing caused accidents, it was found that the trailers were empty. When a trailer is full, it weighs more heavily on the road, creating more friction, which means that the wheels will get better traction. Empty trailers do not provide this same traction and are more likely to jackknife. Truck drivers need to constantly check their mirrors to watch out for trailer swing. They should do this at all times, but especially when a trailer is empty.

Texas Transportation Commission wants to stop fatal car accidents

A car crash is an upsetting event no matter what the circumstances may be. Even a small fender-bender can have an impact on a person's life. For car accidents that prove fatal, the aftermath can completely change an entire family's life forever.

If someone you care about lost his or her life in a car crash, you know just how devastating it can be to everyone who knew that person. What you may not know is that, according to officials, Texas has had a fatal car accident every day since November 7th, 2000. A new campaign hopes to change that unfortunate statistic, with plans to end all fatal car accidents in the future.

Damages may be available to you following your Texas car crash

A careless motorist has just hit your car on a busy highway. Your car sustained major damage. On top of that, you suffered potentially life-changing injuries.

Is there any good news in this situation? Fortunately, you have the right to seek compensation for the damages sustained in your car accident in Texas. Here is a look at how car crash compensation works in the Lone Star State.

Five chief causes of trucking accidents

Trucking accidents can result in serious, sometimes fatal, injuries for the passenger vehicle occupants. The disproportion between the weight of the average big rig (up to 80,000 lbs) and the average passenger vehicle (4,000 lbs) has a lot to do with it. Drivers in Texas should know that there are five common causes of truck accidents, the first being driver error.

Driver error includes drunk and drugged driving, inattentive driving, drowsy driving and speeding. Truckers often speed or drive drowsy in the effort to meet deadlines. However, studies show that passenger vehicle drivers are to blame for the majority (81%) of truck crashes that involve driver error.

You may seek compensation even if your car crash pain is delayed

As you draw closer to town, a feeling of relief sweeps over you. You will make it to work on time after all. Or, so you think. All of a sudden, though, a car strikes your automobile. Now, you will be late for work, and on top of this, your car has sustained damage.

You exchange information with the person who carelessly hit your car, and you move on with your day. However, you later begin to feel pain as a result of the wreck. This is not unusual. Fortunately, you can seek compensation for injuries that do not appear until after your accident. 

10-year-old boy falls 20 feet in theme park zip line accident

Zip line accidents are not uncommon in Texas and other states. On Sept. 1, an incident at a theme park in Lakeland, Florida, resulted in a 10-year-old boy suffering serious injuries. The boy was riding on a zip line along a set track, but when the track ended, the boy went flying and then fell 20 feet to the concrete ground underneath.

A video caught the fall and shows the boy sitting upright and holding on with his arms above his head. An investigation by the Florida Department of Agriculture found that the boy had to hold on with his arms because the harness was not properly secured around him. The leg straps had not been buckled, yet the zip line equipment was not defective. The theme park has no history of defective equipment, so the Agriculture Department blames the incident on operator error.

Minor errors by truck drivers can have severe consequences

Do you often share the Texas highways in and around San Antonio with semis, tractor-trailers, tankers and 18-wheelers? Then you will likely know how it feels to sit in your passenger vehicle, sandwiched between two big rigs towering over you. It is also no secret that occupants of passenger vehicles typically suffer severe injuries or worse in truck vs. car accidents.

Driving a commercial vehicle of any size typically requires advanced driving skills, for which operators need specific training. This is because the slightest error in driving, lapse of concentration, or loss of focus can cause a catastrophic accident -- especially at the higher traveling speeds on highways.

Dealing with work-related depression

It is widely recognized that a wide range of injuries and conditions might force you to take time away from your job in San Antonio; depression, however, may not be one of them. Many may not view depression as being a debilitating condition, and instead believe it to be something that you need to work your way through. Yet many have come to us here at the Gamez Law Firm not only wondering if they are justified to take work leave to deal with their depression, but also if the costs associated with treating their depression can be covered by workers’ compensation benefits.

Most might agree that work can indeed be a source of stress, yet proving that it is the cause of your depression might be challenging. Even still, the online professional safety journal EHS Today reports that depression-related issues cost employers as much as $51 billion annually. That certainly seems to imply that this condition is something workers’ compensation should cover.

Plan to use Uber in Texas? Keep these safety tips in mind

As a licensed driver in Texas, as well as a responsible citizen, you take your obligation to adhere to traffic laws and safety regulations very seriously. Especially concerning alcohol consumption and motor vehicle operation, you're always sure to carefully plan your evenings out so that you have alternate transportation if you plan to imbibe.

You might be one of hundreds of other San Antonio residents who use Uber and other rideshare services. Regarding drinking and driving, it's always better to be safe than sorry, and planning ahead can help you avoid serious legal problems, too. However, there's a risk when you trust another driver to get you where you need to go. What if your chauffeur is negligent at the wheel? When using rideshare programs, you should know that danger may be lurking.

Halloween can mean a rise in pedestrian accidents

October means Halloween to families around the nation as both children and adults embrace the fun season and all its activities. However, all the festivities can't hide the fact that this time of year can also mean a rise in accidents, especially involving young trick-or-treaters. Excited kids going from door-to-door may not be thinking about the terrifying possibility of being hit by a car, but studies show it is all too common an occurrence.

The Halloween and Costume Association wants to change Halloween from October 31st to whatever the last Saturday in October may be. Almost 150,000 people signed their 2018 petition. So, should you and your family here in Texas be concerned about the possibility of a pedestrian accident during Halloween?

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