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Explaining where hazardous materials-carrying vehicles can stop

While many do not realize it, those driving in and around San Antonio are often traveling alongside trucks containing hazardous materials. While it is necessary to move such materials via the highway, that does not make the process any safer. Indeed, according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, of the 16,850 incidents involving the transportation of hazardous materials that occurred in 2017, over 90 percent happened on highways. An even more frightening statistic may be that only about 1.5 percent of these highway incidents were accident-related, meaning that a majority may have involved simple leaks or spills. 

Hazardous materials can cause plenty of devastation even when the trucks transporting them are not involved in accidents. Exposure from a spill can injure or even kill people within its range. Thus, regulations have been enacted dictating where trucks carrying hazardous materials can be parked or stored so as to limit the potential of people coming into contact with them. According to Section 397.9 of Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations, trucks carrying hazardous materials may not be parked in any of the following areas: 

  • On or within a traveled portion of a public road or highway
  • On private property 
  • Within 300 feet of a bridge, tunnel, dwelling or place where people work, congregate or assemble

What to do if you're hit by a car as a pedestrian

It's fun and relaxing to go places on foot -- out to dinner, grabbing coffee, running errands, or just getting your dog some exercise. But a seemingly typical walk can quickly turn into your worst nightmare if a driver ends up hitting you.

A pedestrian accident can easily cause you to suffer serious injuries. However, if the driver who struck you caused the accident by being negligent, you can seek to hold this person accountable through the civil court system.

What to do after an accident

By the time you finish reading this post, several people will have suffered injuries in motor vehicle accidents across the country, perhaps even here in Texas. In fact, over 6 million traffic accidents occur every year, resulting in millions of injuries and thousands of deaths. Even a simple fender bender can bring frustration, inconvenience and unexpected expense to your life. If you are injured, all those factors will seem to multiply.

There are some steps you can take if you are involved in an accident that may reduce the frustration and assist you in reclaiming some of the expense. Whether you intend to file a claim with your insurance company or seek damages through a personal injury claim, you can help your cause from the moment the dust settles.

Safety tips for home swimming pools

While home pools are definitely fun, they also post a safety risk. This is especially true for people with young kids in the home, who often entertain guests of the same age who may not be the greatest swimmers. Ensuring safety is preserved is crucial in this case, and the American Red Cross can help you do just that.

Make Sure Your Pool Is Secure

Are teen drivers increasing your risk of an accident?

There are more drivers on the roads during the summer months than during other times of the year. School is out, which means there are more younger drivers out and about, and that could mean a higher risk of car accidents. You may already know that summer is a particularly dangerous time to share the road with teen drivers.

Authorities often call the days between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend the "100 Deadliest Days" because there is a significantly higher number of accidents during this period. According to AAA, the number of accidents involving teen drivers increases 14 percent during these months.

Can an insurance carrier take personal injury settlement money?

In short, your insurance carrier could, in certain circumstances, take the entirety of your third-party personal injury settlement. However, your carrier's rights to subrogate — the legal term for this type of recovery — are limited.

Perhaps the most important point is that the amount you win from a third party limits your carrier's recovery. You would not end up owing your insurer money, at least not under normal circumstances in which you had entered a legitimate claim of benefits.

What are your rights if injured in a boat accident?

Like other types of motor vehicle accidents, boat accidents can leave victims with serious injuries, costly medical bills and other consequences that can impact various areas of life. Accidents and collisions involving any type of watercraft can be complex, and victims may find it difficult to determine exactly what happened. In some cases, it may be appropriate to move forward with a personal injury claim. 

If you are the victim of an accident involving a boat, you will find it beneficial to move forward with seeking experienced guidance as soon as possible. With the help of a legal advocate, you can understand your options. You do not have to suffer from the negligent and reckless actions of another person, but instead have the right to fight for appropriate compensation.

What to do when the insurance settlement offer is less than ideal

When going about your day as usual ended with you getting injured in a serious car crash here in Texas, your whole world may have felt as if it flipped upside down. Since the accident, you've likely had a million questions and concerns floating through your head. Will you recover? Can you afford your treatment and other resulting expenses? These are probably some of your top concerns. All you can do is wait and hope insurance will offer a good settlement.

What happens if your settlement offer is a joke? It is not near enough to cover all of your losses. What can you do?

3 Tips on Driving Safely With Commercial Vehicles

Even the safest San Antonio drivers may lack certain knowledge when it comes to driving around commercial vehicles. Large commercial trucks like big rigs operate much differently than passenger vehicles, which can result in a very serious accident if drivers aren’t careful. In effort to preserve the safety of all who share the road, offers the following advice.

Be Wary of Blind Spots

What are the most common types of car accidents?

The reasons for wanting to avoid a car accident are endless. Though you certainly do not carry out actions to purposefully put yourself at risk of being involved in a car accident, the actions of others could easily cause serious crashes. Unfortunately, you or any of your loved ones could suffer serious or fatal injuries in a vehicle collision.

If you want to do your best to avoid accidents and help any of your loved ones practice safe driving, you may want to understand the various types of car crashes. It may also prove important to remember that not every accident involves more than one vehicle.

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