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Fighting For Motor Vehicle Accident Victims

The effects of a motor vehicle accident are far-reaching and lasting. A car or truck accident can cause serious injuries, emotional anguish, financial challenges and other damages that can be difficult to fully recover from.

At Gamez Law Firm in San Antonio, Texas, we know what you are going through because we have been through it ourselves. You deserve strong legal advocacy during this difficult time. We are ready to fight for you.

Taking the right steps after an accident can help ensure your safety and set yourself up for a strong claim. Learn more on our 6 Things To Do After A Car Accident page.

What We Do

Simply put, we help victims and their families recover after all types of auto accidents, including:

Since 1973, we have provided sound personal injury guidance to our fellow San Antonians. We know that obtaining compensation in a timely manner is important to you. We have a strong history of swiftly seeking justice for our clients. We will fight for you, too.

Going Beyond Legal Guidance

We will aggressively advocate for the compensation you deserve after an accident. While many lawyers stop there, we do not. We know that the legal aspect of your case is only part of what you need help with, so we strive to do more.

If your car was severely damaged, we will find you a rental car or make sure you have a way to get to and from work and doctor appointments. If you don’t have a regular doctor or need to see a specialist, we will help you find the right person. In short, we will do whatever we can to help you recover and move forward.

Meet Your Attorney In A Free Consultation — Se Habla Español

Your first consultation is free. In fact, you won’t pay us anything unless we obtain compensation for you. To arrange a time to tell us about your case, please call 210-951-2024 or request an appointment by email.