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Injuries associated with rear-end collisions

On Behalf of | May 9, 2024 | Car Accidents |

Motorists in Texas can drive safely and use defensive driving techniques to avoid being involved in an accident. But even the safest drivers can face injury when others are speeding, following too closely or not following safe driving practices. Rear-end collisions happen frequently, especially when drivers are dealing with distractions. If you’ve been involved in a rear-end crash, you may suffer from whiplash, broken bones or injuries to your head or spine. The severity of these injuries depends on many factors, including the speed of the vehicles involved.  

What causes whiplash? 

The impact of a rear-end collision can cause your head to snap forward quickly, which can lead to strain on your neck. Whiplash symptoms can last for a few days when the injury is minor. But whiplash can also lead to pain for weeks or even months. When you suffer from whiplash, you may experience headaches, pain or numbness in your neck, and the inability to move your neck fully.  

Rear-end collisions can cause limb injuries 

When another vehicle strikes your car from behind, the impact can cause injuries to your arms or legs. Broken bones can occur when your vehicle is damaged, leaving you with a long recovery time. In some cases, you may need to have surgery and physical therapy before you’re able to return to work or enjoy physical activities that you did before your injuries. If your legs end up with severe injury, you may have to use a mobility aid for the rest of your life.  

Head and back injuries 

Injuries to your spine or head are some of the most serious. If you suffer a traumatic brain injury or damage to your spinal cord, you could face a lifelong disability that could prevent you from working. Head injuries often lead to loss of consciousness, and the seriousness of a head injury is not always noticeable immediately after the crash. It’s important to receive prompt evaluation if you believe you’ve suffered from a head or spinal injury.  

What to do when injured in an accident 

Accidents related to driver negligence are sadly too common, and they leave many innocent victims with life-changing injuries. Once you’ve recovered from the initial shock of being seriously injured in a motor vehicle crash, you may be worried about your future. Concerns about being able to return to work, or simply having the ability to enjoy your favorite activities, can leave you with questions about your options in seeking compensation. By working with someone familiar with personal injury laws in Texas, you can evaluate your legal options and choose the right path based on the circumstances.