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Aggressive driving is a hazard to other drivers

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2024 | Car Accidents |

It is not abnormal to experience annoyance and even anger on the road. Traffic and irresponsible drivers can make the driving experience frustrating.

Road rage goes beyond typical irritation because it can result in dangerous behavior. Aggressive drivers can pose a serious risk to you and other motor operators.

Statistics of aggressive driving

According to Consumer Affairs, almost 80% of drivers experience road rage. The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration states that 66% of traffic deaths can be attributed to it, and the American Psychological Association attributes 30 deaths annually on average to road rage-related incidents. Aggressive driving increases the chance of accidents and can lead to dangerous confrontations.

Signs of aggressive driving

Individuals overcome with road rage drive erratically. They may swerve a lot, pass when they should not or when it is not safe to, break traffic laws, tailgate and/or block others from passing. They may also speak aggressively or make rude gestures at you or other drivers.

Precautions around aggressive driving

Maintain a larger distance than you normally would from suspected aggressive drivers so you have time to react in case they suddenly stop or crash their vehicles. Do not engage with them, avoiding making direct eye contact since they may view it as aggression. Do not react to or retaliate against provocative behavior. If you believe the behavior to be dangerous, report aggressive drivers to the police. If followed by an aggressive driver, do not pull over unless you reach a safe location, such as a police station, and do not get out of the vehicle instantly.

Aggressive drivers do not think and behave rationally, making them dangerous. It is important to remain calm and drive cautiously when you encounter one.