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Older adults are more likely to have slip-and-fall accidents

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2024 | Premises Liability |

Anyone can fall due to a wet floor, improperly maintained sidewalk, or poorly lit staircase. But Texas adults who are over the age of 65 are more likely to fall and suffer serious injuries. While some falls can’t be prevented, others happen because property owners are not taking enough precautions to keep their property safe. These falls can leave one in pain and victims may need much time to recover.  

What happens after a fall? 

Many falls lead to broken bones, especially wrists because most people have a natural inclination to brace themselves with their hands as they fall. Hip fractures are also common among fall victims. When someone falls and hits their head, it can cause a concussion or lacerations to the face, which can be especially harmful when one is taking blood thinners and some other medications.  

One of the best ways to prevent falling is to be extra cautious when walking in areas where hazards are common. One should always pay attention to warning signs for wet floors or uneven payment. Using handrails when climbing up or down stairs can also help prevent one from falling.  

What to do after being injured in a fall 

Even the most cautious person can still fall when a property owner fails to maintain their property safely. When one falls on someone else’s property, it’s important to inform the owner immediately and to keep documentation from medical visits and other expenses associated with the injuries. If a negligent Texas property owner contributed to one’s injuries in any way, one may file a premises liability claim to regain one’s losses.