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4 issues can affect your claim after a Texas car accident

On Behalf of | Nov 26, 2023 | Car Accidents |

If you have recently suffered injuries in a Texas collision, you’ll want to closely monitor your health in the weeks ahead. Hopefully, you received medical attention in the immediate aftermath of the incident. Many people decline treatment if they believe their injuries are minor, only to later regret that decision when they wind up going to court. In addition to refusing medical treatment at the scene, several other issues can affect your Texas car accident claim. 

The physical and emotional impact of a car accident causes high levels of stress and can disrupt your daily life, including being unable to return to work right away or, perhaps, permanently, if you suffered catastrophic injuries. Medical records and other evidence can help you collect the maximum amount of compensation to which you may have a right under Texas law, especially if another driver’s negligence was a causal factor in the collision. 

Severity of injury affects a car accident claim 

If you had a minor fender-bender and walked away with a few bruises and nothing more, the value of damages would undoubtedly be much less than if you were in a collision that resulted in a skull fracture or other severe injuries. Severity of injury is one of the primary issues that can affect the outcome of a car accident claim.  

Most insurance agencies multiply a recovering victim’s medical bills by a specific number to calculate a settlement amount. If you decline medical attention or your injuries are minor, this amount will be much less than it would be in cases of severe injury.  

How has the accident affected your daily life? 

Quality of life is another issue that factors into a car accident claim. If your injuries have caused a permanent disability or you are unable to work, or you need assistance with daily tasks, this would have a significant impact, which increases the valuation of damages in a claim. In a case where someone calls off work for a day or two, then returns to his or her daily routine, quality of life would largely remain the same insofar as it relates to the collision that resulted in injury. When you are filing a claim, be prepared to describe in detail how the car accident and your subsequent injuries have affected your daily life. 

The at-fault driver’s insurance policy can affect a claim 

If you suffer injuries in a Texas car accident with a driver who was underinsured or has no insurance, your options in filing a claim will be different from those that might be available if the collision occurred with a driver who carried maximum insurance coverage at the time. The point here is that the at-fault driver’s insurance policy can affect your claim.  

Recovery from a Texas car accident can take a long time and can be quite arduous. Relying on a competent medical team, the support of family and friends, a (hopefully) understanding employer and others can alleviate stress and help you obtain much-needed care and treatment. The civil justice system also provides support by allowing recovering victims to seek restitution for damages.