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How working in an oil field can result in a back injury

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2023 | Workplace Accidents |

Workplace accidents can occur under a multitude of scenarios, and the outcome of such incidents could prompt various hardships in life. While you might wish to take every possible step to reduce your risk of encountering such a situation, sometimes it can be difficult to tell the types of hazards you might face while on a Texas job site. 

If you work in an oil field, you might face various types of safety concerns nearly every day. Although there are various types of injuries oil field workers might suffer during an incident, few may be as common as back injuries. Addressing the most prevalent causes of back injuries could be vital to protecting your well-being, but this might not always be so simple. 

Prevalent causes of back injuries 

Symptoms of work-related back injuries could seem to appear overnight or develop with time. Some of the most prevalent causes of similar injuries among oil field workers might include: 

  • Repetitive motions: Job tasks that require you to perform the same tasks over and over can place substantial strain on your body and place you at risk of suffering severe back injuries. 
  • Intense physical labor: Your job may also task you with performing intense physical acts, such as heavy lifting. Even if you use proper lifting techniques, this might not always be enough to keep injuries at bay. 
  • Awkward positions: Back pain could also arise if job tasks require you to remain in awkward positions for extended periods. This can place significant pressure on your back over time. 
  • Fall-related incidents: Fall-related incidents also remain a prevalent concern in the oil field industry. Back injuries are unfortunately common among victims of such incidents. 

Prolonged exposure to high vibration also remains a leading cause of injuries in this industry. Such issues could also place you at significant risk of suffering severe or long-term back injuries. 

After a work-related accident 

Regardless of how it occurs, suffering back injuries during a work-related incident can be devastating. Similar health concerns could wreak havoc on various aspects of your life, potentially diminishing your ability to return to work, or even to perform everyday tasks. The outcome of the incident could also trigger a variety of financial hardships. When facing such challenges in life, you might have questions about your available options and the best course of action to take to help safeguard your future.