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2 killed in Collin County crash

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2023 | Car Accidents |

Just like in other parts of the country, Texas drivers sometimes disregard traffic signs and don’t follow the rules of the road, which can lead to accidents. This can happen in cities or on rural roads where there is not a lot of traffic. But no matter where one is driving, there is the risk of getting into a collision when all drivers don’t obey the laws. Sadly, a recent fatal crash in Collin County may have been preventable if one of the drivers had obeyed the traffic signs. 

How the crash happened 

The two-vehicle crash occurred at the intersection of County Road 539 and County Road 543. A van was turning from CR 543, but the driver didn’t stop at the stop sign. The van collided with an SUV which then slid off the road into a ditch. The SUV struck two construction workers who were working near the roadway. 

A passenger in the SUV was killed in the accident. One of the construction workers also passed away from injuries sustained in the crash. The other worker suffered minor injuries. The accident is still under investigation and charges may be filed against the van driver if it is determined that negligence was involved. 

2 families are left to mourn unexpected losses 

Motor vehicle accident deaths often leave families understandably devastated. The unexpected loss may cause feelings of confusion and anger toward the driver who caused the accident. In cases of negligent driving, the families have the right to file a civil lawsuit against the driver at fault. Texas families can speak with an attorney to understand what options they have in seeking compensation after losing a loved one in a fatal car accident.