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Accident at bus stop leaves 8 dead, injures many others

On Behalf of | May 9, 2023 | Wrongful Death |

Most drivers in Texas are cautious when driving in areas where a lot of pedestrians are present. When driving around bus stops and other places where people may be standing near the roadway, drivers are responsible for remaining safely on the road to prevent injuries to others. Sadly, a recent accident near a Brownsville bus stop has left eight people dead and injured at least 10 others. The driver involved in the crash is now facing serious charges. 

How the accident happened 

A crowd of people was standing at a bus stop near a shelter in Brownsville. According to reports, a Range Rover was driven into the crowd, where many of them were sitting on the curb. The SUV collided with the curb, causing it to flip, and continue to strike others on the sidewalk. After the collision, eight people were killed and at least 10 others were injured. 

The male driver of the SUV was injured and taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. Authorities aren’t sure what caused the man to run a red light and crash into the group of people. They have yet to determine if the man was intoxicated and they aren’t sure if the crash was intentional or an accident. The driver is currently facing charges for reckless driving and may be subject to other charges once the investigation is finalized. 

Pedestrians are at risk 

One would assume that there is safety when one remains on the sidewalk when waiting for public transportation or walking from one place to another. Tragically, drivers sometimes leave the roadway, striking pedestrians, which often leads to fatal injuries. Texas families who lose a loved one due to driver negligence have the right to seek compensation from the driver deemed at fault through a wrongful death lawsuit.