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Bicycle accident results in 1 injury

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2023 | Bicycle Accidents |

A child was injured in a hit-and-run bicycle accident in Texas. The accident took place on a recent Saturday evening. Sometimes these types of accidents happen due to driver negligence, in which case the reportedly at-fault driver might be held financially responsible for any injuries resulting from the crash. 

Events leading up to the bike crash 

The bicycle wreck took place at about 6:56 p.m. According to police, a child bicyclist was going east along a boulevard. Meanwhile, an individual was reportedly driving a car north on a nearby street. The car driver then allegedly blew through a stop sign. 

Police said the car driver hit the cyclist, briefly stopped and the drove away without checking the bicyclist’s status or calling the police. The child was transported to a local medical center with injuries. Police continued to search for the car driver who was allegedly involved in the accident. 

How an attorney can help 

When police locate the driver who was reportedly involved in the Texas bike accident, a personal injury claim may be filed against the driver on behalf of the injured child. Liability has to be established before the civil court hearing the case before the claim for monetary damages will be determined. If the plaintiff is successful in court, a judge may award financial damages to cover the bicyclist’s hospital bills and other losses resulting from the accident. No amount of money can undo the events leading to the injury-causing accident, but it may help the bicyclist to more easily move forward from the accident.