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Why are there so many wrong-way accidents in Texas?

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2022 | Personal Injury |

Accidents can happen for many different reasons, but in Texas, it may be more likely that an accident will occur because someone was driving the wrong way. Statistics indicate that wrong-way crashes may be more likely in Texas than in other states, leading many to wonder why this is the case and what authorities should be doing about the problem. Even at a low rate of speed, a wrong-way crash can cause significant damage. 

Wrong-way accidents are particularly harmful because the other driver often does not have time to react to avoid a crash. These types of collisions may not be as common as drunk driving accidents or distraction-related crashes, but when they happen, they are more likely to result in serious or fatal injuries due to the force of two vehicles traveling in the opposite direction. Wrong-way crashes are often the result of careless and inattentive drivers. 

Scary statistics about wrong-way crashes 

Wrong-way accidents are most likely to occur on one-way streets, restricted roadways and highways. Signs, flashing lights and other indicators are all tools used by authorities to alert drivers who may be traveling in the wrong direction down a street, but these do not always prevent crashes. The Texas Department of Transportation is also using cameras and other types of technology to study, learn from and prevent wrong-way crashes on every type of road. 

Preventable factors, such as intoxication or distraction, likely play a part in a majority of these types of collisions, and they often occur between the hours of midnight and 5:00 a.m. Between 60 and 75% of the time, alcohol plays a role in a wrong-way crash. Alcohol can reduce a driver’s reaction time and make it more likely he or she will make dangerous decisions behind the wheel. Drunk drivers may not see wrong-way signs or notice road markers indicating they are traveling in the wrong direction. 

The price paid by innocent motorists 

Wrong-way crashes are a troubling safety concern in Texas. Reckless driving is inexcusable, and those who cause these types of crashes are accountable for the harm caused to others. Innocent motorists who paid the price for the poor choices of other drivers have grounds to seek compensation through a civil claim. If you suffered injuries in a wrong-way crash, it is in your interests to seek an understanding of the legal options available to you.