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Protecting your interests by carrying sufficient car insurance

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2022 | Car Accidents |

Although it might not always be possible to predict when a motor vehicle accident will occur, preparing for the possibility may be another matter entirely. Knowing the steps to take after a crash may help you remain calm and collected during the aftermath thereof, but this might not be the only vital factor to consider. 

The outcome of a crash could lead to injuries and major vehicle damage. Finding ways to mitigate the financial impact involved may be vital to protecting your interests. Carrying sufficient car insurance may be one way to achieve such a goal, and evaluating your available coverage options could help you choose policies that best fit your needs. 

Insurance coverage 

While Texas law requires you to carry a certain amount of car insurance coverage, this might not always be enough to protect against the financial fallout of a crash. Part of preparing to protect your interests after a collision could involve evaluating some vital coverage topics, such as: 

  • What a liability policy covers: Auto liability insurance may provide coverage for vehicle repairs, property damage and medical costs, but there is typically a limit to how much this policy covers. 
  • Why it is important: If you cause a crash to occur, you may be liable for damage to other vehicles or for medical costs for those who suffer injury, and without insurance coverage, the repercussions could prove dire. 
  • Additional coverage: It might be helpful to know that insurance companies may offer policies that provide additional liability coverage. Carrying sufficient coverage could prove integral to staving off financial disaster. 
  • Medical and PIP coverage: Medical payment policies may provide added coverage for medical expenses. Policies such as personal injury protection could help shield against costs such as a loss of wages during recovery. 
  • UM/UIM policies: Uninsured and underinsured motorist policies may help provide coverage for your needs if the party who causes the crash carries insufficient coverage or no coverage at all. 

Policies such as comprehensive insurance could help provide coverage for vehicle damage caused by natural disasters, and there may also be policies to help cover damage to rental cars. 

Insufficient coverage 

Even if you choose to protect your interests by carrying sufficient car insurance coverage, it might not always be feasible to expect others to do the same. If a collision occurs and the party at fault does not have enough car insurance to cover your needs, you might not know how best to handle the situation. While policies such as UM and UIM coverage might prove vital in such scenarios, it could also be helpful to seek insight on your available options and how best to protect your interests.