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Trash truck crash leads to 1 death and injures 2 others

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2022 | Car Accidents |

An individual’s life has sadly been lost in a tragic motor vehicle accident in Austin. Two other individuals were also injured in the crash. Sometimes these types of crashes take place as a result of a driver’s negligence, which can be grounds for litigation. 

How the incident occurred 

The unfortunate wreck occurred at about 8:16 a.m. on North Interstate 35 Southbound. According to authorities, a trash compactor truck was driving in the interstate’s outside lane. All of a sudden, the truck reportedly rear-ended a car in front of it. 

Police reported that the car then struck the rear of another trash compactor truck. The individual driving the car passed away at the crash scene. Meanwhile, the drivers of the two trucks were taken to a medical center with injuries not deemed life-threatening. 

How an attorney can help 

The surviving loved ones of the car driver may choose to file a wrongful death claim against the first compact truck’s driver, seeking the reimbursement of financial damages sustained in the crash. The suit could also name the employer of the truck driver. Liability has to be established in a Texas civil court, based on a showing of negligence, before the claim for damages will be decided.  

A claim that is litigated successfully might result in damages to cover the car driver’s burial costs and even the loss of support for his or her surviving dependents. No amount of damages can undo the events that led to the fatal crash. However, a monetary award may help the deceased driver’s surviving family members to experience a sense of justice following the life-altering collision.