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4 killed, many others injured in 2-vehicle crash

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2022 | Car Accidents |

Texas drivers are responsible for driving in a safe manner, which includes following the laws of the road. When one drives unsafely, and especially by veering into oncoming traffic, the chances of being involved in a serious accident are much higher. Accidents like the recent two-vehicle crash in Rusk County can leave drivers and passengers seriously injured or dead. Sadly, this accident killed four, including a young child.

How the accident happened

Early on a Sunday morning, a Dodge pickup was traveling the wrong way in the southbound lane of Highway 259 N. The truck struck another pickup, a Chevrolet that was going the correct way in the southbound lane. The driver and passenger in the Dodge were both killed in the crash. The driver of the Chevrolet along with a child passenger was also killed in the accident.

The Chevrolet also had three other child passengers, all of whom were injured. Two suffered serious injuries while the other child has life-threatening injuries. Investigators have not yet said who was at fault in the accident, but the surviving family members may have the option to take legal action against the estate of the driver deemed to have been at fault.

The aftermath of losing a loved one

Because both drivers perished in this accident, the surviving family members would have to sue the estate of the driver believed to have been at fault, based upon evidence of negligence. In tragic circumstances such as these, family members may be left with lifelong emotional trauma, not to mention the physical injuries suffered by the children involved. Survivors and family members have the right to seek advice from a Texas personal injury attorney to fully understand their legal options.