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Who is to blame for accidents with e-scooters or e-bikes?

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2021 | Bicycle Accidents |

More people are choosing alternate forms of transportation over driving their own personal vehicles from place to place. E-scooters and e-bikes are especially popular in cities and densely populated areas in Texas as they allow users to get from one place to another with ease. As these options become more common, it is reasonable to assume there will be more accidents involving motorized vehicles. If this occurs, it can be difficult to determine who is to blame.  

There are significant safety challenges when these types of vehicles are sharing space with other types of vehicles. In an accident, the person on an e-vehicle is more likely to suffer serious injury. The issue of liability can be complex as the rules may not be immediately clear regarding where e-vehicles can drive, and there is little to no training for those who are using e-scooters or e-bikes. 

A popular new option 

significant shift in transportation needs occurred over the last few years. More people are working from home, and many no longer need a personal vehicle. This has led to a rise in popularity in companies that allow people to rent scooters or bikes for short periods of time. Many see these options as affordable ways to help the environment while also filling in the gaps in the public transportation system as they are more flexible and do not require one to follow a schedule.  

Despite the convenience and ease of this option, there are concerns about the e-vehicle trend. These bikes and scooters add even more congestion to already crowded streets, making it more likely a crash will occur. Users may use the sidewalks where people are walking, or they may use bike lanes, sometimes getting in the way of cyclists. Users may also cross the street in the wrong places, veer into traffic or make other unsafe decisions. 

The question of fault 

It is not easy to determine who is to blame for an accident involving an e-scooter or e-bike. Local governments are struggling to keep up with the change in transportation trends, and these scooters and bikes are only recently street legal in many cities. Drivers, pedestrians, cyclists and e-vehicle users may not be sure how to safely share space and avoid accidents. If you are suffering from physical injuries or property damage because of an accident with one of these vehicles, you may have legal options available to you.