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Ridesharing: precautions, safety tips to note as a passenger

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2021 | Uber/Lyft Ridesharing Accidents |

Legions of people in San Antonio and surrounding areas have understandably given up driving.

Well, to a certain extent at any rate. The advent of so-called “ridesharing” some years back results these days in many people happily surrendering motoring chores to drivers working for companies like Uber and Lyft.

Those are widely known and now entrenched business entities, with the easy pick-up and drop-off services they provide being readily embraced by a huge swath of the general public.

What used to be a sometimes arduous process of driving home late at night – sometimes after a long day or a night spent socializing – or trying to track down a taxi is now replaced by a mere finger tap or two on a smartphone.

The result: a vetted driver showing up precisely where you want him or her to be and at virtually the moment you are ready to go.

Convenient, yes, but still a few things to consider and act upon

A recent in-depth Forbes article underscoring key points to note concerning ridesharing stresses that riders/travelers “need to know the latest research on ridesharing safety, plus the essential protections that can keep them healthy.”

Thinking about such things always makes sense, of course, and even more so during the long pandemic stretch and the uncertainties it has spawned. Here are a few of the more notable recommendations offered to promote rider confidence and safety:

  • Sit in the back seat and as far away from the driver as possible
  • Crack open a window or two
  • Unless you’re an insatiable conversationalist, keep the small talk at a contained level
  • Say no to carpooling, even if that ups the cost a bit
  • Avoid touching things in the car (e.g., surfaces, handles and so forth
  • Use hand sanitizer
  • Pay attention to a driver’s comments and behavior – not every person chauffeuring you around is a saint

“Be selective, but not afraid,” advises one industry principal.

It’s hard to be specific regarding an estimate of when ridesharing activity will return to and perhaps exceed pre-pandemic levels, but the day is certainly coming.

When an adverse ridesharing experience invites legal help

Not every rideshare ends optimally, of course. Negligence-driven accidents sometimes occur. A driver’s conduct might turn criminal in nature.

Questions or concerns regarding an adverse ridesharing experience can be directed to a proven legal professional with a strong record of client advocacy in personal injury matters.