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A rear-end accident could leave you gravely injured

On Behalf of | May 8, 2021 | Car Accidents |

A car accident has the potential to change your life in an instant. One moment you could be driving down a Texas road, and the next you could find yourself with serious injuries that may limit what you can do and impact your finances. This can happen with any type of collision, even a low-speed and relatively minor crash, such as rear-end collision. 

A rear-end accident may not seem like the most serious type of accident, but it can leave you gravely injured. Neck, head and back injuries are relatively common with this type of collision, as is other type of damage to the body that may require medical care and a long recovery. These types of crashes are frequently the result of distraction, reckless driving and other types of negligence. 

Potential injuries 

There are a range of injuries one may suffer in a rear-end accident. The severity and type depend on several factors. The force of the impact, preexisting medical conditions and the speed of the vehicles at the time of the collision may all affect how seriously your injuries will be. The most common types of physical damage seen after these types of accidents include: 

  • Whiplash – This is an injury that takes place when a sudden impact forced the head back and forth rapidly in a whipping motion, leading to muscle strain, ligament damage and harm to the soft tissue. Whiplash can cause severe pain, limited movement, stiffness, headaches and more. 
  • Concussion – This is a type of mild brain injury that often happens in rear-end collision. The side effects of a concussion may include headaches, dizziness and lingering discomfort weeks or months after the crash.  

These two injuries may not seem major, but they have the potential to cause major complications, pain, ongoing limitations, discomfort and myriad problems for an extended period of time after a crash.  

Your recovery 

If you are suffering from painful injuries after a rear-end accident, you could have legal options available to you. It is possible the driver who struck your vehicle is liable for what happened to you, and you could have grounds to pursue compensation through a civil claim. A lawsuit may give you the opportunity to recoup your financial losses and secure what you need for a full and fair recovery.