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Even the odds while on your bicycle

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2021 | Bicycle Accidents |

While San Antonio may have dozens of beautiful and diverse biking trails, your route may take you through the city. Even with bike lanes and warnings for motorists, you are still among traffic, and that can mean a high risk for accident and injury. You likely take the normal precautions, like always wearing your helmet and properly inflating your tires, but you cannot account for the actions or attention of drivers.

Sadly, thousands of bicyclists end up in the emergency room or worse each year following collisions with motor vehicles. It only takes a moment of a driver’s inattention or recklessness for you to become one of those statistics. Although you can’t let this worry keep you from enjoying your bike, you can use it to add some extra steps to your ride preparation.

Make a plan

A wise bicyclist plans a route and lets others know where he or she will be riding. If you do this, it is more likely your loved ones will be able to locate you quickly if you run into trouble. Additionally, while you may not like to think about the worst-case scenario, you will want to review your insurance policy since many drivers in Texas fail to carry sufficient coverage. Before you get onto your bike, you will also want to consider doing the following:

  • Creating an emergency contact list on your phone and a hard copy where rescuers can find it if your phone gets damaged in an accident
  • Taking a first aid class in case fellow bikers suffer injuries or to care for your own wounds
  • Purchasing cameras for the front and back of your bike to help law enforcement gather evidence after an accident
  • Installing crash-detection technology on your device, your bike or your helmet

After a bicycle accident, it is critical that you agree to any medical attention responders offer at the scene and even accept a ride to the hospital. You may not immediately show the symptoms of internal bleeding, a head injury, broken bones or other serious injuries, and a complete exam may prevent those injuries from becoming more serious.

The odds are against you when you bike in traffic, and unfortunately, they may be against you in the aftermath. Investigators often assume the bicyclist is at fault in an accident, so you may find it challenging to fight for your right to compensation for your injuries. Having experienced legal assistance could make all the difference.