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Are you sharing Texas roadways with drunk drivers?

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2020 | Uncategorized |

When you get behind the wheel of a car to drive in Texas, you understand that you have an obligation to adhere to traffic laws. Your own safety, as well as the safety of your passengers or any pedestrians or travelers nearby, depends on it. Regardless of how cautious and safe a driver you might be, however, if there is a drunk driver in your vicinity, you are at immediate risk for injury. 

Alcohol affects every person differently. You might feel tipsy after one glass of wine, but your spouse may be able to drink two or three before feeling intoxicated. Texas law defines intoxicated driving by stating that any person operating a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol content level of .08 or higher is in violation of the law. Learning to recognize signs of possible drunk driving may help you avoid a collision.

Drunk drivers often do these things

Short of witnessing someone consuming alcohol before driving a motor vehicle, you may not be able to tell a drunk driver from a sober one. Then again, people who are acting under the influence of alcohol often exhibit similar behaviors. The following list includes signs that should alert you to a possible drunk driver: 

  • Depth perception becomes a problem for drivers who are drunk. If you notice a driver following too close to the car in front of him or her, or braking at random times, he or she might be dealing with intoxication. 
  • A drunk driver might weave in and out of the traffic lane. In fact, many fatal collisions occur when drunk drivers veer completely out of their lanes and into oncoming traffic.
  • Navigating turns while intoxicated does not always go so well. If you see a driver taking bends far too widely or so tightly that he or she is clipping the curbs, it is a definite red flag that alcohol impairment may be present. 
  • Drunk drivers often operate their vehicles at extremes, meaning far under a posted speed limit or excessively fast. 
  • Should you witness a driver at a standstill even though he or she has a green light and there is no danger in proceeding, it might be a sign that the person behind the wheel is dealing with intoxication. 

Just because you notice a potential hazard on the road because of another driver’s erratic behavior doesn’t guarantee that you will be able to react swiftly or safely enough to avoid a crash. 

If a drunk driver causes you injury

The most frustrating thing about drunk driving collisions is that they are easily preventable. Learning that the injuries you suffered occurred only because of another driver’s irresponsible decision to drink and drive might evoke feelings of anger. You would definitely not be the first drunk driving accident victim to feel that way. Sadly, many Texas families have lost loved ones because of drunk drivers. 

If you suffer injuries, you might have to take time off work during recovery. Why should you have to bear the financial burdens that arise in the meantime when another person was responsible for your injuries? This is why many recovering accident victims seek restitution against those deemed liable for damages.