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Improperly secured semitruck loads can be dangerous

On Behalf of | Jun 11, 2020 | Truck Accidents |

Semitruck loads are heavy and often bulky. The cargo must be secured properly so that a load doesn’t shift in a manner that causes a crash. While some of these crashes might not be avoidable, many are. For the victim of a semitruck crash that was the result of an improperly secured load, finding out what happened might be a priority so they can use the information in their claim for compensation.

The liability for load securement starts with the company and workers who load the semitruck, but it’s up to the trucker to ensure that the load remains secure throughout the haul. Each time the trucker stops, they can verify that straps, chains and other securement devices are set as they are required to be.

There are regulations in place to ensure that cargo is properly secured. It covers not only the types of appropriate securement systems but also where on the load the contact points should be. This gives loading companies and truckers firm guidance about the best ways to prevent a shifting load from causing the wrecks.

Improperly secured loads can lead to many issues. They can cause the trailer to swerve uncontrollably, which could lead to the trucker losing control of the rig. The cargo can come loose from the securement device, which means it’s a projectile that can slam into other vehicles. Sometimes, shifting cargo can cause the semitruck to roll over on to other vehicles.

A person who is harmed because of an improperly secured load may need extensive medical care. Sometimes, the injuries are catastrophic, which can mean the person loses their ability to earn an income. They might opt to seek compensation via a personal injury lawsuit to try to recover the expenses they’re facing.