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High risk for serious injuries at Texas intersections

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2019 | Uncategorized |

Driving in Texas can be challenging. High-speed traffic often clutters roadways, and not every motorist adheres to traffic laws. In fact, some are reckless. When you get behind the wheel, you have to stay on top of your game at all times, meaning eyes on the road, hands on the wheel and focused on the task at hand.

Intersections are particularly dangerous places. Whether you’re crossing the street as a pedestrian or navigating a crossroads in a car, if a nearby driver is distracted, intoxicated or recklessly disobeying safety regulations, it can cause a sudden, serious collision that causes you life-threatening injuries. Even upon less severe impact, minor injuries can occur that necessitate medical attention and time off work during recovery.

Issues that increase risk for collision at intersections

It is possible that you can become a victim of collision even if you yourself are acting with caution and obeying all traffic laws at the wheel. The following list shows other factors that can turn your uneventful trip into a disastrous situation:

  • Disregard of safety lights: When there are pedestrian or traffic lights at an intersection, the crossroad is secure. However, many tragic accidents occur when drivers fail to stop at red lights, which can lead to pedestrian injury, as well as sudden collision with other motor vehicles.
  • Negligence: Many intersection collisions involve driver negligence, such as someone reading a text message on a cell phone instead of focusing on intersection surroundings.
  • Excessive speed: Traveling above posted speed limits violates traffic laws. If a driver enters an intersection at excessive speed, it places everyone in the vicinity in great danger.
  • Visibility obstruction: When you approach an intersection, you must always make sure you have clear visibility in all directions. Parked cars, trees or shrubbery, or construction equipment can impede visibility, which can lead to an accident.

Traffic safety analysts recommend navigating turns at intersections at five miles per hour or less. A driver who blasts through a red light will likely not be able to stop in time even if he or she suddenly notices a vehicle or pedestrian in his or her path.

Achieving as full a recovery as possible

One minute, you’re at an intersection, on your way to the store or home from work. The next, you hear a loud crash and sounds of glass shattering, and you wind up in the back of an ambulance on your way to the hospital for treatment. Recovering from the physical injuries you suffer in a car accident can take weeks, even months; in fact, some injuries cause permanent disability.

In addition to physical injury, other damages might include severe emotional trauma and subsequent financial distress, prompted by medical expenses, loss of wages during time off work or other issues. Texas law allows recovering accident victims to seek financial accountability against any and all parties whose negligence or reckless behavior caused their suffering.