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Wrongful death lawsuit arises from Waco truck accident

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2018 | Truck Accidents |

After truck accidents occur in San Antonio, one of the more common questions that victims (and/or their families) have is whether liability lies with the driver that causes the accident, or the company that employs him or her? Typically, fault may almost certainly be linked to the actions of the driver, but in any situation where he or she was acting as an agent of his or her company, blame might be also placed with it. The same may be true if it is proven that a company knew that a driver was incompetent or unfit, yet still permitted (or even compelled) him or her to drive on its behalf anyway. 

Such is the accusation being made by the defendants in a wrongful death lawsuit. Their loved ones (a man and woman) were traveling as passengers with another man who the defendants claim was driving in Waco as part of his job with local farming and grain company. The lawsuit does not give details of the accident, yet claims that the driver was unfit to drive the vehicle he was operating. Furthermore, the defendants believe that the company knew that the man was in no position to safely operate the vehicle at the time of the accident. 

That fact that a trucker causes an accident while driving his or her vehicle may not necessarily automatically assign liability to his or her employer. Yet if it can indeed be shown that an employer permitted an unfit trucker to work (whether he or she was required to or not), then defendants may have justification in including it in any action taken in the aftermath of such an accident. Proving that is the case may be much easier if one has the assistance of an experienced attorney to rely on.