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Posts tagged "Truck Accidents"

Improperly secured semitruck loads can be dangerous

Semitruck loads are heavy and often bulky. The cargo must be secured properly so that a load doesn't shift in a manner that causes a crash. While some of these crashes might not be avoidable, many are. For the victim of a semitruck crash that was the result of an improperly secured load, finding out what happened might be a priority so they can use the information in their claim for compensation.

Many causes may lead to nighttime semitruck wrecks

Truckers are professional drivers who can usually operate their rigs safely. They drive many hours per day and can cover many miles. Some truckers might have a preference for driving at night. While this is a time when they will likely encounter fewer vehicles, it is also a time that requires them to be extra vigilant.

Bill to let truckers under 21 travel interstate raises concerns

The Senate Commerce Subcommittee on Transportation and Safety held a hearing about a certain bill that, if passed, could significantly change the trucking industry in Texas across the U.S. The DRIVE-Safe Act was introduced in February 2019 and proposes to let truckers under 21 travel not only intrastate but also interstate.

FMCSA announces new analysis of large-truck crashes

Large-truck crashes, many of them fatal, are on the rise. Between 2009 and 2018, for example, there was a 52.6% jump in fatal large-truck crashes according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. There were 4,415 such crashes in 2018. Truckers in Texas should know that various changes over the past two decades are contributing to this increase, and the FMCSA will be investigating these changes.

Defective brakes major issue in trucking crashes

Poor truck maintenance in Texas can present a serious threat to others sharing the highway. Because of the size, mass and volume of large trucks, drivers and passengers in other vehicles are at a much higher risk of serious injury or even death in case of a collision. There are a number of factors that can contribute to crashes involving large trucks, which is one reason why these vehicles require specialized drivers. While truck drivers may actually be less likely than others to cause an accident, when they do, the results can be particularly catastrophic.

Tips to help drivers avoid jackknifing

Accidents that are caused because an 18-wheeler has jackknifed often cause serious injuries or even deaths. Some are surprised to know that jackknifing isn't inevitable even in dangerous conditions. Texas drivers can use the following safe driving tips in order to prevent jackknife situations.

Five chief causes of trucking accidents

Trucking accidents can result in serious, sometimes fatal, injuries for the passenger vehicle occupants. The disproportion between the weight of the average big rig (up to 80,000 lbs) and the average passenger vehicle (4,000 lbs) has a lot to do with it. Drivers in Texas should know that there are five common causes of truck accidents, the first being driver error.

Truck accident fatalities in Texas

Residents in Texas know that they must share the roads and highways with a wide range of vehicle types as well as pedestrians and bicyclists. It is the responsibility of everyone to follow laws and make wise decisions to help keep themselves and others safe. For truckers, there is a set of rules to follow in addition to the traffic laws that govern all other people. These are set forth by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and one of the rules focuses on trucker fatigue.

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