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Why are car occupants at higher risk in underride crashes?

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2024 | Car Accidents, Truck Accidents |

All multi-vehicle collisions are dangerous, no matter how minor, but certain crash types can put you at higher risk if your car is smaller. Some scenarios can be alarming, especially if they involve a heavy commercial truck or big rig, intensifying the force of impact.

These situations are likely to happen in underride crashes. This type of accident occurs when a large truck and car collide, forcing the smaller vehicle underneath and potentially taking out its upper half.

What makes it deadly?

Underride crashes tend to cause deaths or catastrophic injuries. Due to the height difference between vehicles, the impact could focus near windshield level, potentially removing the car’s roof and vital safety equipment meant to activate under these circumstances. This type of collision also involves such a strong force that even safety bars installed on trucks tend to break despite being a preventative measure.

Considering the severity of the crash, there is no telling how horrifying the aftermath can be. The truck’s driver may escape the accident with little to no injuries since their location usually sits high in its upper half. On the other hand, the driver and passengers in the smaller vehicle have a high chance of sustaining fatal injuries. If they do survive the collision, their injuries could be grave, potentially leaving them with disabilities that could affect the rest of their lives.

Recovering from an underride crash

Victims of underride collisions may require extensive medical treatments and rehabilitation to help them heal, partially if not entirely. Fatal motor vehicle accidents could leave families devastated, especially if negligence caused the crash. In these instances, seeking legal counsel can help determine what to do next and how to proceed when taking legal action. Doing so might be the only way to hold negligent parties accountable for these lethal incidents.