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Woman killed in hit-and-run accident

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2022 | Car Accidents |

There are many responsibilities that come with driving a vehicle on Texas roads. Drivers are expected to obey all traffic laws and to drive as safely as possible to try to prevent accidents. When an accident occurs, everyone involved is supposed to remain on the scene to speak with authorities. Unfortunately, hit-and-run accidents do happen, and they often leave victims seriously injured. A woman was killed in a recent hit-and-run and the driver has still not been found. 

Details of the accident 

This two-car collision happened on a Monday morning in Northwest Dallas. An 82-year-old woman was traveling alone in her car on Royal Lane. A Toyota sedan crashed into the woman’s car, killing her on impact. Witnesses at the scene say the Toyota ran a stop sign before crashing into the victim’s car.  

The male driver of the Toyota, along with two female passengers fled the scene of the accident on foot. They left behind a 13-year-old female who was trapped in the Toyota. Police believe the driver and both females who fled are teenagers. They have the license plate of the car and are hoping to get answers from the teen girl involved in the crash so the suspect can be located and questioned. Charges will likely be filed against the driver once he is found. 

Victims have the right to seek legal help 

Car accident victims or their family members have the right to take legal action against a negligent driver when injuries occur. Texas accident victims may be left with expenses related to medical bills or loss of work. When a victim passes away due to accident injuries, their family members may have funeral costs and other expenses. Those in such a tragic situation can get answers about what options they have by speaking with an experienced personal injury attorney.