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Truck crash injures 1, leaves mess on roadway for hours

On Behalf of | Nov 26, 2022 | Truck Accidents |

Semi-trucks and other large vehicles are a common sight on many Texas highways. They carry all types of cargo throughout the state and all over the country. These trucks are larger than most other vehicles on the road, which makes them challenging to navigate when compared to a standard passenger vehicle. When trucks are involved in accidents, the injuries to truck drivers and others on the road can be severe. A Montgomery County crash involving two trucks left one driver seriously injured. 

Details of the crash 

The crash happened on a weekday morning during rush hour traffic. The 18-wheeler involved in the crash was traveling on the Grand Parkway in Montgomery County. The truck driver claims to have heard a loud sound before losing control of his vehicle. The truck collided with a large moving truck. The cab of the 18-wheeler ended up dangling off the overpass while the moving truck left the roadway completely and fell to the road below. 

The driver of the moving truck was seriously injured in the crash. The other driver was surprisingly not hurt. Cleanup crews had to remove spilled fuel from the road and lanes remained closed for several hours after the crash. Investigators have yet to determine whether either driver was at fault in the accident.  

The aftermath of a truck accident 

Being involved in a truck accident can leave one seriously injured, which can mean loss of work and medical expenses related to the accident. Injured victims have the right to seek compensation if another driver was at fault in the accident. Texas accident victims can speak with a personal injury attorney to better understand their legal options.