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College student faces charges related to deadly boating accident

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2022 | Boating Accidents |

Texas university students are no different than teens and young adults in colleges in other areas of the country. Many of them are experiencing freedom for the first time, and this can often lead to poor decision-making. Usually, these poor decisions are not life-changing, but on occasion, a bad decision can end in a tragedy. Recently, a student was charged in relation to the death of one of her friends after a boating accident 

A day on the lake turns deadly 

A group of teenagers from Texas Christian University took a boat out on Lake Travis outside of Austin. The group, which consisted of several teens who were not of legal drinking age, admit to having alcohol on the boat. One of the male teens fell or was pushed off the boat. Sadly, the young man was struck by the boat propeller and killed. 

After some confusing statements from the group about what occurred, investigators finally concluded that one of the young women on the boat pushed the victim. There is no indication that the push was in malice, but the victim’s family is pursuing a wrongful death case against the female who apparently pushed the victim overboard. The young woman is also facing criminal charges. Others involved or present at the accident are also facing various charges.  

A tragic and unexpected death 

Losing a young person in an accident can devastate a family. While they are trying to come to terms with the loss, they may also have financial considerations related to the accident for medical bills, funeral costs, and other expenses. When faced with a situation like this, Texas residents have every right to seek advice from an experienced personal injury attorney to better understand their legal options in pursuing a case against those at fault.