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1 dead, 2 injured in tragic single-automobile crash

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2022 | Wrongful Death |

A man’s life has sadly been lost due to an unfortunate motor vehicle accident in College Station. In addition, two other people were injured in the collision. The recent single-automobile accident took place at about early in the morning on a Monday. These kinds of accidents may occur due to a driver’s carelessness, which can be grounds for litigation.

How the crash occurred

The tragic accident happened at about 1:12 a.m. along Lincoln Avenue and Texas Avenue. According to police, a sport utility vehicle was going near the avenues’ intersection when it suddenly hit a pole. Then motor vehicle then reportedly flipped.

Authorities reported that a 20-year-old man was riding in the passenger seat at the time of the accident and was thrown from the automobile. He was pronounced deceased at the crash scene. Meanwhile, a second passenger and the driver survived the accident, although they suffered injuries and had to be extracted from the automobile. The pair were then transported to a medical center for the treatment of their injuries. Police continued to investigate the cause of the accident.

Seeking monetary damages as a victim

The loved ones of the male passenger who died in the unfortunate incident may opt to file a wrongful death claim in a Texas civil court against the driver of the sport utility vehicle. Likewise, the injured passenger may decide to file a personal injury claim against the driver, seeking the reimbursement of monetary damages. A damage award in a successfully litigated claim may help to cover hospital bills, burial costs and other losses related to the wreck.