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Motorcyclist seriously injured in crash

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2022 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Many Texans enjoy riding motorcycles, especially during spring and summer. Most motorcyclists understand the risks associated with traveling on busy roads with a smaller and more vulnerable vehicle. Motorcycle crashes happen frequently, and the results can be devastating for those involved. As crashes on Texas roads increase, one motorcyclist is hoping to bring about awareness for motorcycle safety after he was injured in a serious accident.  

How the accident happened 

The accident victim was traveling on a busy highway during rush hour where traffic was heavy. He was slowing down due to clogged traffic when he was hit from behind by a car. The victim flew onto the car’s windshield and then fell into the roadway. The driver of the car stopped to check on the victim and waited at the scene for police and rescue to arrive.  

The motorcycle rider had a camera on his bike that recorded the entire accident. This allowed authorities to better understand what caused the crash. The motorcycle rider suffered serious injuries, including fractures in his back, sacrum, and toes. He’s now suffering from pain related to those injuries and is not able to return to work due to the severity of the injuries he sustained in the accident.  

Legal assistance for personal injury 

The victim in this case suffered life-changing injuries that limited his ability to work and provide for his family. In events like these, when another driver may be at fault, the victim has the option to pursue legal action against the other driver in the form of a personal injury lawsuit. Texas accident victims who are faced with medical bills, loss of work, or pain and suffering after being in an accident where another driver was at fault can benefit from speaking with an experienced attorney.