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Are self-driving vehicles more dangerous than helpful?

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2022 | Car Accidents |

Car manufacturers are making more vehicles that now have the capability to operate without assistance from the driver. It is a race to see which company can achieve the goal of being the first to produce the first widely used automatic vehicle, but the safety of these vehicles is a concern for many. As more automatic cars are on the road, Texas consumers may look at accident data to gain a better understanding of how safe these vehicles are.

Tesla, one of the leading manufacturers of automated cars, along with other companies, have recently released crash data involving vehicles with driver-assist features. If you have considered an automatic vehicle or have questions about the safety of the driver-assist features, a careful look at crash data may be helpful. There are still questions regarding liability after an accident involving a self-driving vehicle.

Understanding the crash data

In the report, Tesla vehicles account for nearly 70% of crashes involving driver assist. However, officials warn that it is important to look at the context. They say that this one data point provides an incomplete picture regarding the overall safety of these systems. The intent of this data is to provide insight into possible product defects and an understanding of whether driver-assist programs actually improve safety. Approximately one year ago, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration required makers of automatic vehicles to provide crash data.

It is also helpful to remember that, while Tesla does have the highest number of accidents involving vehicles with driver assist, this company also has the highest number of vehicles on the road with self-driving features. Overall, Tesla systems have the most advanced capabilities in a wider variety of models. It may take years of data collection in order to fully understand exactly how safe autopilot vehicles are in comparison to traditional cars.

Accidents involving self-driving vehicles

If you were hurt in an accident involving a vehicle that was using the driver-assist function, you may be wondering who or what is to blame for what happened to you. Determining liability in these types of accidents can be a complex issue, and you may benefit from seeking a knowledgeable opinion regarding the legal options available to you. It is possible you could have grounds to pursue compensation through a civil claim, allowing you to recover losses and secure damages after a motor vehicle accident.