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Teen killed, others injured in collision with truck

On Behalf of | May 22, 2022 | Car Accidents |

Semi-trucks are a common sight on roads in Texas and other parts of the country. These large trucks are essential for many reasons, which is why they are so common, and why they are often involved in accidents. When a passenger vehicle collides with an 18-wheeler, like in the case of a recent accident, the injuries can be serious or even deadly. Sadly, a teenager lost his life in this accident, and others in the vehicle were also injured. 

Details of the accident 

The collision happened one evening in Wills Point, which is around 50 miles outside of Dallas. The teen driver had three passengers in the vehicle, all of whom were students at the local high school. For unknown reasons, the passenger vehicle driven by the teen collided with an 18-wheeler. When authorities arrived at the scene, they discovered that the driver had succumbed to his injuries. The other teens were transported to a nearby hospital. 

The driver of the 18-wheeler was not injured in the accident. Authorities are not yet sure what caused the collision. The accident is under investigation and no charges have been filed at this time. The local community and high school is mourning the young man and hoping for answers as to what may have led to the crash. 

The aftermath of a deadly car accident 

No parent ever wants to get the call that their teen has been involved in a car accident. When that accident proves to be deadly, the family and friends are understandably in shock. There are many things that can contribute to such an accident. Driver negligence is a common cause of serious car crashes and one that can be grounds for victims or family members to file suit against the party believed to have been at fault. Texans who find themselves in this situation can benefit from speaking with an experienced attorney to understand their options.