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Possible signs of a traumatic brain injury after a collision

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2022 | Car Accidents |

A motor vehicle accident can occur under a multitude of scenarios, and the fallout of such an incident could affect your life in various ways. While some collisions might lead to little more than minor vehicle damage or an inconvenience of time, there is a chance that the fallout thereof could prove far worse. 

The injuries you suffer in a collision could affect various aspects of your life, and some health conditions could even lead to a need for long-term medical care. Traumatic brain injuries remain common among car accident victims and knowing the possible signs of a TBI could be vital to protecting your well-being. 

The symptoms 

Studies indicate that traumatic brain injuries can range in severity and may present with a multitude of symptoms. Some possible signs of a TBI following a collision on Texas roads could include: 

  • Physical concerns:  Medical experts indicate that some possible signs of a TBI could include bouts with frequent headaches and dizziness, issues with lack of balance, or constant ringing sounds in your ears. 
  • Seizures and vomiting:  In some cases, such injuries could also increase the risks that you might begin to suffer from seizures or encounter bouts of uncontrollable vomiting.  
  • Disrupted sleep:  Studies suggest that similar health conditions could also cause you to suffer from disrupted sleep patterns or struggle with bouts of fatigue. 
  • Cognitive function:  A TBI could also affect certain cognitive functions, such as your memory and concentration, or even cause you to struggle to think clearly. 
  • Behavioral changes:  Such health conditions may also impact your behavior, potentially leaving you more prone to experiencing frequent mood swings or causing you to struggle with anxiety. 

This may only cover a few possible symptoms of a TBI, and if you experience similar issues following a crash, it could be in your best interest to seek medical care as soon as possible. 

Your future

Suffering severe or life-altering injuries in a major collision can be a difficult thing to accept, especially if the changes in your life stem from the negligent actions of another driver. A TBI could cause leave you facing a variety of physical and emotional challenges, and your condition might even affect your ability to perform everyday tasks. The costs of medical care and the possibility of a loss of income may be just two more examples of ways a similar incident could affect your life and leave you facing significant financial hurdles.