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7 Benefits of Having an Accident Attorney Deal With Insurance Companies

by | Jan 19, 2022 | Personal Injury |

After an accident, most people prioritize looking for an accident attorney near me. Doing so is smart for reasons you may not even fully understand. For neighbors in Houston and San Antonio, an attorney can fight for higher compensation, show you’re serious about your claim, and help eliminate common errors. We could go on in this same manner, but it’s better if you read the following benefits for yourself.

For Residents in Houston and San Antonio: 7 Benefits of Having an Accident Attorney Near Me Deal With Insurance Companies

1. Potentially Recover More Compensation

Some people believe an attorney will simply cost them more money in the days after an accident. But the opposite is true. An extensive body of research proves injury victims who let an attorney negotiate with insurance companies receive more compensation than those who go it alone.

And the difference in recovery can be substantial. Studies confirm working with an attorney may help you pocket up to 3.5 times more money than if you negotiate on your own. Every dime counts, and an attorney can help safeguard your and your family’s future.

2. Show You’re Serious

The moment you hire an attorney in Houston or San Antonio, you send a message to the insurance adjuster handling your case: you’re not easily going away and are serious about recovering compensation. In fact, obtaining legal representation can convince the adjuster to make a fair settlement offer in the first round of negotiations.

Adjusters understand that once you hire an attorney, you may take your case all the way to trial. Trials are costly, time-consuming, and difficult to control. The judge or jury can rule in either party’s favor, but a lawyer known for winning large verdicts can make the outcome even less predictable for the insurance company. It then becomes the adjuster’s goal to avoid a trial, and they subsequently become more pliant in the negotiations process.

3. Build a More Substantial Case

Any claim demands that you prove liability for your injuries and other damages. Although highly complex, this component is crucial. Without the proper evidence and case construction, the insurance company may dismiss your claim altogether.

Use Professional Language

Keep in mind all parties involved in an accident often try to shift blame. And insurance adjusters don’t offer settlements lightly. They will look for ways to undermine your arguments and refute the evidence.

Bringing a qualified attorney into the fray helps substantiate your claim. They will methodically sift through evidence, determine the most likely cause of your injuries, and build a powerful argument in your favor. And they will speak to the insurance adjuster in a professional, meaningful way that reflects their years of education and training.

4. Calculate the True Value of Your Case

This is another complex component of an accident claim process. Any compensation you receive should align with the true value of your claim. Value is based on the injuries and damages you suffered in the accident. You might be tempted to say you can make these calculations yourself, but doing so requires time and effort.
You need to look at past, current, and future medical bills – meaning you must meet with all of your providers and ask for their professional insight into your case. You must also calculate lost wages and ensure you’re fairly compensated for pain and suffering. It’s hard to put a price tag on this last element without the help of an attorney. Counsel can use legal precedents and knowledge of the law to substantiate any monetary figure attached to your case.

No Going Back

It’s crucial to remember that insurance adjusters are seasoned negotiators. They may offer you a low-ball settlement and then persuade you to accept it. Only later will you likely realize you didn’t receive enough compensation to cover your lost wages and/or total medical expenses.

But your case is closed as soon as you agree to accept an offer from the insurance company. You cannot return to the negotiating table and ask for more compensation – and adjusters are well aware of this fact.

5. Ensure Any Settlement You Accept Is Fair

This point plays off of the previous. Many accident victims cannot immediately return to work. Some are even left with debilitating conditions and never return to their former positions. In the meantime, household and medical bills pile up. The combination of these circumstances can make any settlement offer attractive: even one that is well below the value of your case.

In your search for an accident attorney near me, remember this person will protect your best interests. This means they will advise you on when, and when not, to accept a settlement offer. They will continue to advocate on your behalf until the adjuster does offer a reasonable settlement, and if the adjuster never sways, your lawyer will prepare for trial. Their ultimate goal is to ensure the insurance company treats you in a fair and respectful manner.

6. Prevent Common Errors

People who choose to negotiate with the insurance company alone often make mistakes that influence the outcome of their case. To illustrate, an insurance adjuster will likely reach out to you shortly after the accident. And they may use this initial conversation to ask for a recorded statement describing those events that led up to the crash.
For obvious reasons, this is a terrible idea. You may inadvertently say something about your own culpability or make a statement that can be twisted into something it isn’t. An attorney, on the other hand, will intervene and advise you not to speak to the adjuster, at least, not while you’re feeling so vulnerable. A lawyer can also coach you prior to the conversation to ensure you control the narrative rather than the other way around.

The Pitfalls Ahead

Let’s say you proceed with giving a statement but choose not to seek legal representation. The adjuster will record your conversation and probably look for ways to reduce the value of your claim. To illustrate, saying you’re fine in response to the question, “How are you doing?” can be a mistake. The adjuster can later say that based on this answer, you’re not entitled to compensation.

The adjuster may also ask questions designed to “trick” you into saying something that can hurt your case. Again, as an example, they might ask what you think caused the accident. If you say a dog ran in front of your car and you had to slam on the brakes, thus causing the driver behind you to ram you from behind, you may ruin your chances at fair compensation. These easy but costly mistakes can be avoided by having an attorney speak with the adjuster.

7. Focus on Your Recovery

An insurance claim can be a labor-intensive endeavor. You’ll need to complete paperwork, meet deadlines, and provide additional documentation as requested. The constant back and forth required of a claim can be exhausting, especially when you’re trying to recover from your injuries. An attorney can handle all of this communication in a deft and responsible way, thereby allowing you to focus on your health.

If you’ve been injured in any type of accident and are searching for an accident attorney near me, we can help. We have a long history of fighting for the rights of neighbors in Houston and San Antonio, and we can handle communications with the insurance company while you tend to your recovery. Schedule a free consultation by contacting Gamez Law Firm today.