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Have You Been Offered a Settlement? Talk to a Car Accident Attorney First

by | Oct 8, 2021 | Car Accidents |

Often, the party that caused your accident will try to offer you a settlement in order to avoid court. While this can speed up the process and allow you access to your money earlier, the offer is often too low and won’t cover all of your expenses related to the incident. To find out if you could receive more money, you should speak to a competent and experienced car accident attorney local to the Dallas, Texas area.

What Happens After a Settlement Offer?

When you’ve been in an accident and have filed a lawsuit, you will likely be offered a settlement. With this, they aim to close the case as soon as possible and move on from the incident. However, the amount you are offered is often not high enough to cover all the costs associated with the incident, particularly if you factor in the emotional damage you are suffering from.

Once you’ve received your settlement offer, you can decide whether you would like to accept it or not. In many cases, you could receive more money if you insisted on your rights. If you decide to accept, the money will then be paid out to you, either all at once or in several parts. If not, the other party may come up with a better deal, or they may say that this is their final offer, in which case you might have to go to court to fight for the compensation you deserve.

Why Should You Speak to Your Car Accident Attorney in Dallas, Texas?

Most people who have gone through a traumatic incident have never experienced a similar situation before, so they may not know what to expect or how much money they can ask for. By contrast, a car accident lawyer has seen many similar situations and will be able to assess how good or bad the settlement offer is. For this reason, you should always contact a professional before making a final decision about whether you’d like to accept or decline.

In addition to helping you with the settlement, your lawyer can also negotiate on your behalf, build your case if you end up going to court, and assist you with everything else you need to do after an accident. What’s more, you’ll feel reassured that you took action and the final result is the best outcome possible. This is important, especially if family and friends are involved in the situation.

They Can Review Your Situation and Explain Your Options

When you visit your attorney, they will ask you to describe what happened in great detail. You should also bring any forms of proof, such as video or photographic evidence and the relevant forms. That way, the professional can get an overview of who was at fault and how much compensation you might expect to receive. They will then communicate this to you and explain your options, such as accepting the settlement or going to court.

They Can Decide If You Should Accept a Settlement

As mentioned, the initial offer is often far too low, as the other party is simply looking for a way out of a difficult situation. A larger sum of money can’t make your injuries and suffering go away, but it can make sure that you don’t have to worry about the financial implications of the accident. Your medical bills, therapies, time off work, and potential future loss of work will be compensated.

What’s more, you might also receive money to make up for the emotional upset that the accident has caused. Psychological consequences of traumatic events are a real, immediate danger to a person’s mental health, and the victim should get some compensation for this, as well. The money you receive can help you and your family deal with the incident and ensure that everyone will be well taken care of, no matter how long it takes you to heal.

They Can Negotiate

If you decide that you’re not happy with the settlement offer, you’ll need to negotiate with the other party to come up with a deal that’s fair for everyone. Your car accident attorney in Dallas, Texas can help you with this.

They have been trained to deal with conflict, so they will be able to handle the situation in a professional manner and use tactics that help to resolve the conflict. This professional knowledge will help them to obtain a much better deal than you could achieve on your own.

They Will Help You Build Your Case

One of the key strategies used to receive maximum compensation is to build a compelling case that illustrates how badly you were hurt and how much you are suffering as a result of the incident. Your attorney will speak to you about the kinds of evidence that might be the most beneficial. They will most likely ask you to keep any records of your current condition, medical bills you had to pay due to your injuries, and proof of unemployment.

When enough evidence has been compiled, your lawyer will suggest speaking to the other party’s attorney about the situation. Once they see that you are seriously impacted by the incident and that your costs are high, they may be more willing to offer a fair settlement. If not, the evidence can be taken to court, and the judge will make a final decision.

They Can Help You with Other Aspects of the Accident

Many lawyers will only help you with the legal matters related to your accident, but the best attorneys care about you and your situation, so they will do everything they can to assist you. Here at Gamez Law Firm, we will not only offer you great advice about your case and settlement, but we can also provide you with additional resources.

For example, we often give our clients the details of good car rental firms, so they can attend their appointments despite the fact that their car was totaled in the accident. Similarly, we will refer you to specialist doctors, who can address the injuries you are dealing with. Because of our long-standing local connections, we have all the necessary resources and contacts to provide you with a well-rounded service.

You Will Feel Reassured that You Did Everything Possible

From a financial perspective, hiring a personal injury attorney is almost always a good idea, as they can help you to receive significantly higher compensation. However, there is more to your decision than the objective financial benefit. Working with a competent attorney will also reassure you that you did everything in your power to obtain a good outcome.

In the years to come, you won’t have to worry about the “what ifs” of your situation. This is particularly important if children or other dependents are involved since you’ll want to be able to optimally provide for them. When you hire a lawyer, you know you’re doing your best and that your outcome will benefit your whole family.

A settlement offer can be the first step towards negotiating a fair amount of compensation for your injuries. However, you shouldn’t be too quick to accept, as you might be able to receive more money. Get in touch with us today at Gamez Law Firm in Dallas, Texas to speak to a highly trained car accident attorney and find out whether you could negotiate a better offer. We will be happy to assist you at every step of the way.