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Cyclist passes away following tragic crash

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2021 | Bicycle Accidents |

A bicyclist has sadly lost his life in a tragic accident after being struck by a car. The accident took place on a recent Tuesday. These types of collisions sometimes happen due to negligent driving, in which case the driver who caused the accident may be held liable for any injuries or deaths resulting from it.  

How the bicycle crash happened 

The bicycle accident happened at about 11:45 a.m. on a Monday. According to police, a car was driving in the area of United States Highway 183 and suddenly struck a 28-year-old cyclist. The cyclist suffered injuries and was therefore transported to a medical center. Sadly, he ultimately died from his injuries. 

Authorities continued to investigate the crash. It was not immediately clear if the driver who hit the cyclist remained at the scene following the collision. It was also not clear if the driver will face criminal charges in connection with the fatal accident. 

How an attorney can help in these situations  

The surviving family members of the cyclist who died in the Texas crash may choose to file a wrongful death claim in a Texas civil court against the driver of the car that struck the cyclist, seeking damages. Liability has to be established before a judge hearing the case will determine the claim for damages. If the plaintiffs are successful, they may receive damages to cover the cyclist’s funeral costs and even the loss of support for his surviving dependents, if he has any. The damages cannot undo the events that led up to the unfortunate incident, but they may help the cyclist’s family members to experience a sense of justice following the tragic collision.