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Tragic car crash claims 1 life and injures 4 others

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2021 | Wrongful Death |

One individual has sadly passed away in a tragic car accident. Four other people have also been injured in the collision. The unfortunate incident took place along the service road of the North Central Expressway on a recent Monday night.

Events leading up to the crash

The fatal crash occurred when a 44-year-old man was driving his car on the highway service road at a little before midnight. All of a sudden, his car reportedly rear-ended another car at a street intersection. Authorities said the impact of the crash caused the second car to strike an expressway sign’s base. Meanwhile, the car that apparently initiated the accident flipped over and reportedly collided with a light post.

The four people in the first car all suffered injuries and were thus taken to the hospital, where their conditions were deemed critical. One passenger ended up passing away from the injuries. The 22-year-old driver of the car that was rear-ended was also transported to a medical center due to suffering a skull fracture. This individual’s condition was considered to be critical. Police continued to investigate the collision.

Legal recourse may be possible following these accidents

The two surviving passengers from the first car may decide to file personal injury claims in a Texas civil court against the car’s driver in the wake of the accident. Likewise, the surviving loved ones of the passenger who ended up dying in the crash may choose to file a wrongful death claim against the first car’s driver, seeking damages. The injured driver of the automobile that was rear-ended may additionally be entitled to file a personal injury claim, seeking the reimbursement of financial damages. If the plaintiffs are successful, they may receive damages to cover the hospital bills, burial costs and other losses resulting from the crash.