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Safety tips for motorcycle riders in Texas

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2021 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Texans love to ride motorcycles, and San Antonio is no exception. For thousands of people in the Lone Star State, riding is a passion. It is also a fuel-efficient way to get around.

Unfortunately, it is also dangerous. As a motorcycle rider, you cannot know when someone in a four-wheeled vehicle is going to lose control or fail to notice you. If a car hits you, there is nothing protecting you from serious harm except for a helmet, padded jacket and other clothing.

Four ways to protect yourself on the road

While you cannot control the traffic around you, you can make sure you are riding as safely as possible. Here are four safety tips from experienced riders:

  • Never ride while tired. If you’re going on a long ride, know your limits and stop when you need a break, somewhere around 75-125 miles
  • Always give yourself an escape route, even when you are stopped, just in case
  • When passing a semi truck, wait until you can do so quickly and make sure you can be seen in the side mirror
  • Make yourself visible with bright or reflective clothing

Following these suggestions will reduce your chances of getting into a motorcycle accident, but they cannot guarantee your safety. Riders must be on alert at all times for speeders, drunk drivers, people turning left and other potentially dangerous motorists. Even then, they may not have time or room to get out of the way. Sometimes, all a rider can do is ditch or brace for impact.

Later, when they are recovering from their injuries, they can look into their legal options for financial recovery. In San Antonio, negligent drivers are legally responsible for the harm they cause their victims.