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What are the most dangerous roadways in San Antonio?

by | May 11, 2021 | Car Accidents |

Drivers rely on every roadway, from quiet residential streets to freeways, deserve to be safe. However, not all roadways are equal. In San Antonio, some stretches of road account for a greater number of accidents every year. Which roadways in the city are more dangerous, and what is behind this increased risk?

Where do most accidents occur in San Antonio?

Crash reports from the San Antonio Police Department reveal that some of San Antonio’s most-driven roadways are also host to most accidents. According to KENS 5, some of the most dangerous roadways include:

  • The east side of Loop 1604 from US-281 to Lookout Road—670 accidents in 2019
  • The west side of Loop 1604 from Babcock Road to Lockhill-Selma—476 accidents in 2019
  • I-35 between Fourwinds Drive and Starlight Terrace—122 accidents in 2019

Why are these roadways more dangerous?

These reports also indicate that driver error is actually to blame for most accidents. Speeding, distracted driving and irresponsible lane changes can all lead to crashes. The Star Telegram also notes that congestion significantly increases the risk of accidents, especially because some congested roadways require drivers to cross multiple lanes of traffic in order to reach exits.

No matter where they occur, crashes can be life-changing for both injured people and their families. That is why it is important for people injured in a crash to discuss their legal options with an attorney to ensure that they receive the medical and financial support they need.