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Distracted driving is far more than just your phone

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2021 | Car Accidents, Truck Accidents |

Distracted driving is something that many people assume means driving while using the phone. It’s no secret that smartphones, for all of their uses, have made the roads much more dangerous. People are constantly driving while texting, taking pictures, trying to find a playlist to listen to, and much more. 

However, your phone is not the only source of distraction, not by a long shot. If you want to stay safe, you need to know what other major distractions come into play and how you can avoid them.

10 distractions to be wary of moving forward

You cannot control the other drivers that you share the road with, but you can control how you approach driving. These are just a few of the distractions to watch out for:

  1. Getting lost in thought and daydreaming behind the wheel.
  2. Doing personal grooming, such as applying makeup or fixing your hair.
  3. Eating or drinking, even with non-alcoholic beverages.
  4. Smoking or doing similar things, such as trying to find a pack of cigarettes in a bag.
  5. Having your pets in the car with you.
  6. Having children along for the ride; kids are often the biggest distraction for parents.
  7. Talking to passengers and engaging with them.
  8. Using the GPS, especially when trying to change the destination while driving.
  9. Using the radio or playlists on phones, personal music players and other devices.
  10. Adjusting the mirrors, the air conditioning, the heater or other car systems.

These are by no means all of the distractions people face. Even things outside of the car can be distractions. If you’re staring at an interesting billboard, you’re not watching the road. If you’re gawking at another crash, you can cause a secondary wreck in the same location.

Does this really make you safer?

Avoiding distractions does make you safer because you will not make mistakes and cause those crashes. As noted, though, you can’t control everyone else. Nothing you do can make you 100% safe from the mistakes made by others. If you get injured in an accident, you may need to seek compensation for your medical bills and related costs.