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Eye protection must be a priority at all companies

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2021 | Workplace Accidents |

Eye safety is a big issue at some workplaces, including manufacturing facilities and places where chemicals are being used.

In fact, around 20,000 work-related eye injuries occur each year. Many of these can lead to the person having to miss time at work. There are several ways that workers can protect their eyes when they’re working. The onus falls on the company to provide the equipment and protocols to keep the employees safe.

What kinds of eye protection might be necessary?

There are many safety procedures that companies can implement that can help to keep their workers safe from eye injuries while on the job.

These include requiring the use of protective eyewear, such as goggles or safety glasses, while doing certain jobs. It’s also possible that guards or screens could help to prevent some eye injuries. Any worker who’s dealing with chemicals or equipment that might cause eye issues should know how to use these. Proper training might prevent some incidents from occurring.

What should a worker do if they suffer an eye injury?

Workers who suffer any type of eye injury should ensure that they get medical care right away. It’s possible that vision loss and permanent changes to someone’s vision may occur with an eye injury, but the long-term damage can often be minimized through prompt treatment.

Workplace eye injuries are covered under workers’ compensation if they occurred while they were doing their job duties. If your workers’ compensation claim is denied after an eye injury or you don’t think you’re receiving fair treatment, it may be time to seek some professional legal assistance.