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Recent truck accident results in multiple fatalities

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2020 | Truck Accidents |

Tractor-trailer trucks are an integral part of our nation’s shipping industry, and these big rigs are a fixture on roadways in Texas and other states across the country. Each day, thousands of trucks crisscross the country, moving consumer goods to ensure that stores and customers have everything they need. It is not at all unusual for drivers to encounter big trucks on Texas roadways. Unfortunately, truck accidents often result in serious injury or death for victims, due to the enormous size and weight of these vehicles.

Recently, a series of unrelated accidents occurred on the same Texas road. One of them involved a semi-truck and a passenger sedan. The sedan was making a left turn. As the driver maneuvered the turn, the sedan was struck by the tractor-trailer.

The two occupants of the sedan were killed. The accident is currently under investigation. The truck driver of the truck was not injured. Under the circumstances, the families of the deceased victims may be entitled to pursue legal recourse for monetary damages.

Parties that are interested in taking civil action in these tragic circumstances can contact an attorney experienced in handling Texas truck accident cases. A successful civil case can result in compensation that a plaintiff can use to offset costs that may otherwise fall upon a victim’s estate. Outstanding medical bills and final expenses are examples of accident-related damages that a monetary judgment or settlement may alleviate so that friends and loved ones can focus on grieving their loss and beginning the healing process.