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Improper lighting is a risk for customers

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2020 | Premises Liability |

Having proper lighting in indoor spaces can help to keep everyone in the area safe. Many businesses don’t realize that there are many benefits to having bright lighting. One of the most important benefits is that it can help people avoid accidents that cause injuries.

Areas of a business that are too dark are more prone to accidents because people might not be able to see items on the floor. This means that there’s a slip and trip risk that can lead to significant injuries.

Having proper lighting throughout the area can also make it easier for employees to put stock away appropriately. Improper lighting could mean that the employees don’t see how items are stacked, which may lead to them toppling over and striking someone on the head or shoulders.

Adequate lighting can also help prevent accidents involving machinery. This is important if there are forklifts or other machinery near customers in a retail space. Drivers might not be able to see people if they must operate this machinery in shadowy areas, thus putting people in danger of getting struck by the forklift.

Businesses that don’t have proper lighting are a hazard for those who enter. If you were harmed because a company didn’t invest in appropriate lighting, you might have a premises liability claim.

Filing this claim for compensation can help to reduce the financial impact of the situation on you. The claim can seek damages for your medical care as well as other expenses like lost wages and personal care expenses. You only have a limited time to get this filed, so don’t waste time.