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Texas workers injured, some killed in recent tragedy

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2020 | Workplace Accidents |

In Texas and elsewhere, going to work can be a dangerous endeavor. Jobs in the construction sector are particularly high-risk. Sometimes, trying to finish a job quickly and on schedule can leave workers facing safety hazards, recently illustrated by a news story about workplace injuries suffered by contractors in Houston.

The job site was a large building under construction for an oil company. As the builders were working, an entire staircase suddenly collapsed. Shocked onlookers say that they heard a loud noise, followed by a dust cloud that was visible from the street outside.

Initial reports say that three workers were killed and at least one more was seriously injured. As emergency responders arrived on the scene, they expressed concern that there could be a secondary collapse in the stairway area. Construction has been halted as investigators try to determine what caused the collapse that resulted in tragedy.

When a person becomes the victim of a workplace injury, claims for financial relief may be appropriate. If a workplace accident results in a death, the surviving family may be entitled to workers’ compensation survivors’ benefits, and there also, depending on the gathered evidence, may be grounds to pursue third party wrongful death claims in civil court. An attorney experienced in handling serious injury cases can help pursue legal recourse from all appropriate sources.